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AST Networks in Latin America (LATAM)
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    AST Networks Americas based in Gilbert, Arizona USA serves and supports an extensive network of local resellers across Latin America.

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    Phone: +593 989 33 08 49


    We are a Tier-1 partner and solutions wholesaler for all major satellite service providers and equipment manufacturers. In addition, we add value with our own tools and software development, personalized attention, and after-sales support.

    Our distributors benefit from:

    • Large and permanent equipment and accessories inventory, both in our warehouse in Arizona and in our distributed locations worldwide.

    • Logistics capability, shipping daily to all Latin America countries, directly or through your preferred freight forwarder.

    • Discounted shipping rates and priority shipping as an option.

    • Personalized attention through a dedicated account manager, available for you in your language and time zone. This allows us to develop a better understanding of your business and your customers' requirements, saving you time and money.

    • MyAST Portal online service management portal, available 24/7 for select dealers – an easy-to-use web portal offering a convenient way to manage your AST satellite connections and services from anywhere in the world via laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

    • Our pre-sales technical team can work closely with you to design a full solution that meets your requirements to ensure you offer the most appropriate solutions to meet end-customer needs.

    • 24/7/365 Global Technical Support team to assist our customers with any hardware or network related issues.

    • Full manufacturer warranty service for all AST Networks-provided hardware. Extended warranty options and out of warranty manufacturer repairs.

    We are eager to know your requirements and help our distributors to have success, while providing the best service and reliable solutions to their end customers.

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    Channel Partners

    Many of our solutions and services in Latin America are delivered via a network of select independent channel partners. These partners receive extensive support, including personalized attention through a dedicated account manager, training, detailed product and service information, and customer support tools.

    This approach ensures that the highest level of product advice and support is readily available throughout our network in Latin America.

    Interested in becoming a part of our Latin American network?

    Contact us to learn more about the criteria to join as an AST Networks accredited channel partner in this dynamic region, improving connectivity for all.

    MyAST Portal

    AST Networks' user-friendly web portal provides a seamless method for managing your AST Networks satellite connections and services globally, accessible from any device such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

    Features include:

    • Centralised login for an overview of all your services on a single intuitive platform
    • Multi-level access tailored for resellers and end-users
    • Responsive design, compatible with all screen sizes, including mobiles and tablets
    • Immediate options to activate, suspend, and deactivate SIM cards
    • Monitoring and alert features for voice and data services
    • Detailed IP data usage reporting
    • Availability of daily Call Detail Records (CDRs) for download
    • Quick and integrated access to our unique INTEGRA suite of value-added services.

    INTEGRA provides real-time access to monitor and control data usage, enabling efficient bandwidth and cost management

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    OneWeb (LEO Connectivity)

    OneWeb's expansion into Latin America marks a significant stride in enhancing satellite connectivity across the region. This initiative brings revolutionary low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite technology to Latin America, offering high-speed, low-latency internet access even in the most remote areas. OneWeb's network is particularly transformative for rural and underserved communities, providing them with opportunities for digital inclusion, improved education, and healthcare access.

    For businesses, OneWeb's services mean robust and reliable internet connectivity, essential for modern operations, especially in sectors like agriculture, mining, and tourism. This connectivity is vital for real-time data transfer, cloud computing, and supporting the Internet of Things (IoT), driving efficiency and innovation.

    In the open ocean, OneWeb provides maritime vessels and personnel with essential communications to always stay in touch via fibre-like, high throughput, low latency connectivity that improves access to real-time performance data and fast, flexible, secure connectivity as a standardised service. AST Networks and OneWeb help fleets in merchant industry, commercial fishing, workboats, and offshore energy sites, become more competitive, reduce emissions, cut costs, and prevent cybercrime.

    Abstract imagery of someone sitting at their laptop with a ship coming through the screen highlighting Remote Asset Management marine software
    Maritime Software

    AST Networks has launched IRAMS in Latin America, a specialized software platform tailored for the maritime sector. This platform is aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, cutting costs, and ensuring environmental compliance for maritime operations in the region. IRAMS consolidates monitoring, maintenance, reporting, and guidance into a single platform.

    Features include:

    • Vessel Monitoring And Reporting

    • Vessel Maintenance Management

    • Reporting & Guidance

    Fishing Latin America

    Amidst the vast and diverse coastal waters of Latin America, where fishing operations range from the cold currents of the Humboldt to the warm Caribbean seas, maintaining reliable communication is essential. AST Networks Americas' satellite technologies ensure that fishing vessels, whether near the shore or deep at sea, stay connected.

    This isn't just about optimizing catch; it's a crucial safeguard for the well-being and safety of all crew members. Whether it's tracking fish migrations in real-time, monitoring weather conditions, or ensuring secure navigation, our solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique communication needs of Latin Americas' fishing industry.

    Government Latin America

    Across the diverse landscapes and multifaceted societies of Latin America, efficient and reliable communication is a cornerstone of effective governance. AST Networks Americas' satellite technologies are pivotal in ensuring that government operations, from urban centers to the most remote regions, remain seamlessly connected.

    In an era where governance demands real-time responsiveness, this isn't just about bureaucratic efficiency; it's imperative for the welfare and security of the population and government officials. Whether it's coordinating disaster response, managing public services, communicating field forces, or facilitating communication between different administrative sectors, our solutions are tailor-made to address the unique challenges of governance in the vast and varied context of Latin America.


    Satellite connectivity is transforming the Utilities sector in Latin America by offering robust and consistent communication solutions. Essential for remote utility management, these services facilitate uninterrupted monitoring and control of utilities like electricity, water, and gas across vast and often challenging terrains.

    This technology enables real-time data transmission, enhancing grid management, and predictive maintenance.

    Photo of a mining truck from afar
    Mining Latin America

    For mining businesses in the majestic mountains and vast rainforests of Latin America, having reliable communication systems is paramount. AST Networks Americas' satellite technologies guarantee connectivity even in the most secluded locations.

    This connectivity is not just a matter of efficiency; it's vital for the safety and security of all personnel on site. Whether it's transmitting data in real-time from high-altitude mines or remotely operating machinery in dense jungles, our solutions are tailored to meet the unique communication challenges of Latin America's mining sector.

    Photo of an oil rig in the day to illustrate a case study on L-Band services for HGIS in Malaysia
    Oil & Gas Latin America

    In Latin America, satellite connectivity services are revolutionizing the Oil and Gas industry. Providing reliable, high-speed communication in remote and offshore locations, these services ensure seamless data transfer and real-time collaboration across vast distances.

    This connectivity is crucial for monitoring operations, ensuring worker safety, and enabling efficient resource management.

    SAILOR 1000 XTR Ku System
    Remote Connectivity Hardware

    We currently have specially selected products available for your region. From VSAT to L-Band compatible hardware, as well as robust and reliable satellite phones, we can cater to the communications needs of your business, no matter how remote.

    Working with us in Latin America

    • Personal and Professional Growth:

      At AST Networks, we believe in nurturing talent. As we expand our presence and services across Latin America, individuals who join us will find unparalleled opportunities for career advancement, skill development, and personal growth.

      Contact us about vacancies
    • Making a Difference During Emergencies:

      The importance of our work goes beyond business. In times of crises and emergencies, AST Networks' hardware and technologies become lifelines, providing critical communication solutions. By being a part of our team, you'll play an essential role in aiding communities during their most challenging times.

      Contact us about vacancies
    • Empowering Businesses:

      By joining AST Networks, you're not just taking on a job; you're enabling businesses across the region to thrive. Through our cutting-edge connectivity solutions, you'll play a crucial role in helping local and international businesses expand, connect, and prosper.

      Contact us about vacancies
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