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At AST Networks Asia, we believe in the power of connectivity to drive progress, ensure safety, and foster growth.
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    Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and a wealth of experience, AST Networks Asia offers unmatched satellite-based communication services, customised to the distinctive needs of various industries.

    From bustling energy export hubs to expansive maritime regions, our pledge remains unwavering: to provide dependable, smooth, and proficient connectivity.

    Our office is located at 110 Lorong 23 Geylang, #02-11 Victory Centre, 388410, and you can reach us directly at +65 62 916 605.

    Our sector-focused solutions stand as proof of our dedication to serving Asia with the pinnacle of satellite technology.

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    Satellite connectivity for maritime

    The extensive maritime domain demands connectivity solutions as expansive as the seas themselves. AST Networks Asia's maritime satellite solutions ensure continuous communication for ships, regardless of their distance from the coast. From navigation assistance to emergency interventions, our technologies equip maritime activities with steadfast connectivity, safeguarding safety and promoting operational superiority.

    Satellite connectivity for chemical and product tankers

    In the dynamic world of chemical tankers, reliable communication is paramount for ensuring the safe and efficient transport of hazardous cargo. AST Networks Asia's cutting-edge satellite solutions cater to the unique needs of chemical and product tankers at sea.

    Our state-of-the-art satellite technologies provide uninterrupted and reliable connectivity for vessels of varying sizes and types. Chemical and product tanker crews can count on dependable communication to enhance safety, enforce crew welfare and optimise their operational performance, even in the most challenging maritime environments.

    Satellite connectivity for offshore support vessels

    Offshore support vessels, platform support vessels, and diving support vessels need reliable connectivity for successful offshore operations. AST Networks Asia's specialised maritime satellite solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of these critical maritime activities.

    Our cutting-edge technologies ensure seamless communication for vessels operating in remote offshore locations, facilitating essential tasks such as supply operations, platform maintenance, and underwater interventions.

    With AST Networks Asia, offshore support vessels, platform support vessels, and diving support vessels can depend on unwavering connectivity to enhance safety, productivity, and operational effectiveness, even in challenging offshore environments.

    Satellite connectivity for fixed offshore platforms

    The crews and equipment on fixed offshore platforms often face remote, challenging and harsh environments. In these environments, dependable connectivity is paramount.

    AST Networks Asia's specialised maritime satellite solutions are crafted to meet the unique demands of these offshore structures. Our cutting-edge technologies guarantee uninterrupted communication for fixed offshore platforms, enabling critical tasks such as remote monitoring, personnel coordination, and emergency response.

    With AST Networks Asia, fixed offshore platforms can rely on steadfast connectivity to enhance safety, streamline operations, and ensure the smooth functioning of these vital components of the offshore energy industry.


    Amidst the offshore energy landscape, Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading vessels (FPSOs) stand as vital hubs of resource extraction and processing. At AST Networks Asia, we recognise the unique challenges faced by FPSOs in remote offshore locations. Our tailored maritime satellite solutions are purposefully designed to meet these challenges head-on.

    AST Networks Asia's advanced technologies ensure that FPSOs maintain seamless and reliable communication links, enabling critical functions such as remote asset management, hydrocarbon production control, and rapid response to operational contingencies.

    Government and security military convoy with trucks and tanks
    Satellite connectivity for military

    During military operations precision, security, and rapid communication are essential in protecting lives. AST Networks Asia's specialised satellite solutions are mission-critical. Our cutting-edge technologies ensure uninterrupted and secure communication for military forces, enabling real-time intelligence sharing, strategic coordination, and swift response to emerging threats.

    With AST Networks Asia, the military can rely on robust connectivity to enhance operational effectiveness, safeguard national security, and maintain the upper hand in today's dynamic and ever-evolving threat landscape.

    Satellite connectivity for utilities

    Within the utilities sector, where the provision of essential services like power, water, and gas is fundamental, AST Networks Asia's advanced satellite solutions play a crucial role. Our tailored technologies ensure that utilities companies maintain seamless communication and monitoring capabilities for their extensive infrastructure networks, enabling efficient resource management, rapid response to outages, and effective maintenance.

    With AST Networks Asia, utilities providers can depend on dependable connectivity to enhance service reliability, optimise operational efficiency, and ensure the uninterrupted delivery of vital utilities to communities and industries alike.

    Hybrid connectivity solutions for modern challenges

    In today's interconnected world, businesses and organisations face a myriad of connectivity challenges, from ensuring seamless communication in remote areas to handling data-intensive applications with low latency requirements. AST Networks Asia's hybrid connectivity solutions are engineered to address these multifaceted challenges by intelligently blending a variety of technologies, including satellite, LTE (Long Term Evolution), 4G, 5G, and more.

    Satellite and terrestrial integration

    At the heart of our hybrid connectivity approach is the integration of satellite and terrestrial networks. Satellite connectivity provides global coverage, making it ideal for remote or offshore locations where traditional terrestrial networks are unavailable or unreliable. This ensures that organisations can maintain communication and data access wherever they operate, whether it's in the heart of a bustling city or in the middle of the ocean.

    Dynamic load balancing

    One of the key features of our hybrid solutions is dynamic load balancing. This technology optimises data traffic by intelligently routing it through the most appropriate network at any given moment. For example, data that requires low latency, such as video conferencing or real-time telemetry, can be routed through high-speed LTE, 5G or 4G networks, while less time-sensitive data can be transmitted via satellite. This ensures that organisations get the best of both worlds – low latency and global reach.

    Resilience and redundancy

    Hybrid connectivity also brings a high degree of resilience and redundancy to networks. In case one network experiences disruptions due to weather, interference, or other factors, traffic can seamlessly shift to an alternative network, ensuring continuity of operations. This level of redundancy is particularly crucial for mission-critical applications where downtime is not an option.

    Scalability and adaptability:

    Our hybrid solutions are highly scalable and adaptable. Whether you're a small business with regional operations or a large multinational corporation with a global footprint, our hybrid approach can be customised to suit your specific needs. As technology evolves, our solutions can easily incorporate new innovations, such as emerging satellite constellations or next-generation cellular networks, to ensure your organisation stays at the forefront of connectivity.

    Large cargo vessel with red base edited to be sailing out of a computer screen towards a lady operating the computer
    Remote Asset Management Asia

    AST Networks has unveiled IRAMS, a specialized remote asset management software platform tailored for the maritime sector, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, cutting costs, and ensuring environmental compliance. This comprehensive platform consolidates monitoring, maintenance, reporting, and guidance, enabling users to remotely monitor their assets globally and make informed decisions instantly.

    SAILOR 1000 XTR Ku System
    Remote Connectivity Hardware

    We currently have specially selected products available for your region. From VSAT to L-Band compatible hardware, as well as robust and reliable satellite phones, we can cater to the communications needs of your business, no matter how remote.

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