Communication Systems

Communication Systems

AST Networks, as a vendor-neutral supplier, sources communications equipment from globally recognised manufacturers. We collaborate closely with these manufacturers to deliver tailored solutions that precisely match your needs.

Effective communication systems are the backbone of maritime operations, playing a crucial role in ensuring safety, efficiency, and coordination. In the unpredictable maritime environment, reliable and robust communication networks allow vessels to maintain constant contact with shore-based facilities, other ships, and emergency services.

The advanced communication technologies and systems we provide, offer reliable and immediate channels for transmitting critical information. Our systems enable timely updates on weather conditions, navigational warnings, and emergency alerts, all of which are essential for preventing accidents and maintaining the well-being of crew and cargo.

Our communications systems support the integration of various navigational and monitoring technologies, creating a cohesive and responsive NavCom set-up, not only streamlining operations, but also supporting compliance with international maritime regulations and standards. With our remote diagnostics and maintenance systems, your shore-based engineers can troubleshoot and resolve issues without the need for your vessel to dock, reducing downtime and ensuring operations are not interrupted. Our priority is making sure your vessels are performing to their best and are always connected – it’s what we do.

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