AST Networks Australia delivered a complete communication system with bandwidth management between networks and VoIP systems


Our client required a communication solution to allow their offshore ship to easily communicate with head office located in Perth, Western Australia.

About the Client

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Clough delivers an integrated Engineering, Procurement and Construction service to projects in the oil and gas sector in Australia, USA and across South East Asia. The Group’s services range from concept development through design, construction, installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

Clough deployed a first class suite of integrated management systems and are committed to the concept of zero harm and the wellbeing of employees and to the sustainability of the environment and communities in which they work.

Project Overview

AST Networks Australia was engaged by Clough Helix JV to create an end to end communication solution to allow the Normand Clough to converse easily with their head office located in Perth Western Australia whilst providing a separate network for the Helix JV users.

Client Requirements

The client required a communication solution to allow the ship to easily communicate with head office located in Perth, Western Australia. They also required a separate network for those users and crew that frequented the ship.

Our Solution

This was accomplished by connecting the client's network directly to their head office located in Perth via an MPLS connection in the Teleport AST Networks Australia included in the system a content management solution that allows the ship to have total control of their satellite communication links and also prevents unwanted or inappropriate use of the link therefore preserving bandwidth for priority applications and controlling costs.

AST Australia's content management solution also allows its unique PipePlus® link aggregation to ensure satellite users seamlessly connects to the least expensive communication link available without any user intervention.

This technology can integrate up to 16 separate internet links enabling multiple 3G cards to be used when in range for inexpensive high speed internet access.

AST Networks Australia provided a SeaTel VSAT 9797 with a Thrane & Thrane Fleet Broadband for out of band management.

Business Benefits

The solution allowed AST Networks Australia to provide the following business benefits to the client:

  • Coverage around the globe with data range up to 512k outbound from the vessel and 512 inbound to the vessel.

  • Multiple VLAN’s on the satellite pipe that run through and Expand Acceleration and Compression bridge. This allows and effective doubling of data throughput allowing vessel management systems to run more efficiently and reduce bandwidth costs.

  • Advanced QoS (Quality of Service) rules that ensure Voice and other high priority applications or users get the bandwidth they require. AST Networks Australia can ensure productivity is effective and efficient.

  • VoIP platform allowing company internal extensions, 4 Direct lines with Perth numbers and 4 Prepaid phones for use with scratch cards for crew welfare.

  • Utilising AST Networks Australia’s advanced NOC (Network Operation Centre) and remote access to the system using out of band management we can ensure that AST Australia provides the best service and support without the need to deploy a technician to the vessel.

Solutions used

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Remote Connectivity

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