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Our substantial experience is based on providing and supporting our VMS solution internationally including to the UK Government (DEFRA) since 2003 for the entire UK Fishing Fleet of a 1000 fishing vessels over 12 meters.

AST Networks offer a wide range of sustainable Fishery Management and environmental asset management monitoring related services from engineering, consultancy, project management to being able to offer a selection of vessel monitoring solutions tailored to specific fleet characteristics whether in Northern Latitudes or the tropics.

Advanced VMS Solutions for Fisheries

Our advanced VMS+ solution blends satellite and GPRS into one vessel tracking device which means we offer global satellite coverage and high frequency GPRS reporting cost effectively for the larger fishing vessel.

The introduction of small scale fisheries monitoring has led us to develop a range of smaller, low powered tracking devices and a SMART phone Catch Reporting APP to cater for all the different types of fishing vessels typically in use by artisanal fishers around the world.

One size does not fit all and therefore our range of inshore tracking solutions utilising inexpensive GPRS/3G/4G with store and forward of messages when outside coverage includes options for fixed mains powered, autonomous solar powered/rechargeable models or a simple to use SMART phone tracking APP to offer greater flexibility and choice.

Protecting Marine Resources

Our expertise resulted in Welsh Government awarding a contract to develop and supply a specific inshore vessel monitoring (iVMS) for the Welsh <10 meter Fishing fleet of circa 400 vessels.

Building on this experience CEFAS (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science) an agency of DEFRA awarded a software development contract to provide a new SMART phone bycatch app and shoreside bycatch reporting and monitoring service.

To protect our marine resources and ensure a sustainable future we are continuously investing in new solutions to support our clients implement their fisheries management policies be it providing the highest-quality data, expertise and project management services.

Solutions used

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Remote Connectivity

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