Full-service custom comms solution simplifies onboard connectivity for leading Crew Transfer Vessel Provider


AST Networks has been working with a UK-based Crew Transfer Vessel specialist providing support for the Offshore Windfarm Sector to enable them to have an onboard comms solution that meets their unique requirements.

The customer approached AST Networks with a requirement for an onboard connectivity solution that will improve security and empower the crew and offshore teams with the ability to prioritise internet use onboard.

These vessels require a dual service that will ensure no security risk and meet the differing needs of the users to support business operations:

  1. Secure network for business internet access, with prioritisation
  2. An additional dedicated network solely for crew Wi-Fi access – accessible via crew vouchers.


The solution

AST Networks engineers designed a VSAT network solution, following a site survey and consultation with the customer. The vessels now benefit from:

  • Industry leading onboard hardware

  • Firewall and router – this secures traffic passing in and out from the satellite and on all connected devices

  • Onboard switch to meet customer requirement to connect business devices and future expanding if/when required

  • Multiple access points that seemingly allow crew members to be connected in the areas the vessel captain allows

The solution is unique to this customer ensuring enhanced security, safety, cost and ongoing support were all part of the service. The vessels also benefit from VOIP phones for business comms.

The benefits

Enhanced security – by including a managed firewall service, AST Networks is able to filter and block certain applications to protect against any security risk or breaches. This protects both the availability of internet for users but also ensures the vessels failover.

Fair crew internet access – the customer highlighted the importance of high-quality internet access for their crew and crew welfare, this is now fully available to all crew members through a voucher system granting them personal access to the internet onboard for connecting with family and friends as well as for onboard entertainment. The separate networks ensure access to fast internet and a high-quality connection even when business comms is a priority. Multiple access points have been positioned by AST Networks upon installation to ensure that crew can access seamlessly wherever they are on the vessel.

Industry leading support – many organisations will rely on an in-house team of IT and satellite comms experts to support their onboard connectivity solution. For this customer, this was something they did not have and would be a big personnel expense for them as they would likely need to recruit a team of at least four people and round the clock on-call hours. AST Network’s industry-leading support team provide this service directly for the customer. AST Network's technical engineers are fully trained experts and have access to all support requirements that will ensure optimal operations efficiency for this service.

Lukasz Latosinski, General Manager at AST Networks comments

As AST Networks engineers, our expertise lies in crafting custom onboard connectivity solutions that not only meet the unique requirements of our client but exceed their expectations. We designed a VSAT network tailored to enhance security, safety, and user experience, installed industry-leading hardware and a dual-service approach is what we do and pride ourselves on. The focus on a secure business network alongside a dedicated crew Wi-Fi network, ensures both operational efficiency and crew welfare.

Our commitment to providing unparalleled support further sets this solution apart, alleviating the need for the client to assemble an in-house team and offering peace of mind in maintaining optimal operations round the clock.

We have designed the solution to meet customer requirements, tested in-house, installed by AST Networks skilled installers and provided on-board training to the captain

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