Aerial photography of maritime vessels which could benefit from OneWeb satellite internet

Eutelsat OneWeb satellite internet LEO connectivity – which vessels is it suited for?

3/4/23 | 5 minute read

Eutelsat OneWeb is bringing one of the most cost-effective satellite solutions for connectivity at sea to the market; this adaptable satellite internet service is suitable for many different maritime and marine sectors.

Eutelsat OneWeb's constellation of 618 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites will support the digital needs across a number of key maritime sectors and vessel types. Read on to find out more about the individual needs of vessels that are covered.

Merchant Ships

A merchant ship at sea to illustrate about OneWeb’s high-speed connectivity

OneWeb empowers fleet owners to deploy cutting-edge internet connectivity technology that can transform their operations, enhance performance, and reduce costs through vessel optimisation. Fleet owners can also monitor environmental parameters to decarbonise their operations and meet sustainability goals across a stable connection.

Additionally, the OneWeb maritime satellite network provides equal bandwidths across all channels, ensuring the productivity and well-being of crew members. Merchant ships are used in all corners of the globe, so the service is reliable and scalable, enabling seamless connectivity. The OneWeb network offers exceptional capacity in the Arctic, making them the first service provider to offer such capabilities in this remote and challenging region.

High-speed satellite internet allows crew members to stay connected with their shore-side colleagues and loved ones while at sea. It also enables robust access to critical data and applications, allowing ship operators to make informed decisions that can improve safety and efficiency.

Offshore Vessels

A semi-submersible offshore ship at sea

OneWeb's innovative technology is transforming the offshore industry by providing flexible and reliable connectivity solutions that maximise operational resilience, increase production, and reduce costs. It is suited for a range of offshore operations and vessels, including Floating production storage and offloading vessels, offshore support vessels, and rigs in both shallow and deep waters.

The low-latency network enables fast connectivity speeds to enable real-time automation, live stream video communication, and predictive maintenance tasks, without the need for costly fibre infrastructure. This technology allows for significant levels of offshore operations to be led or managed securely from onshore locations.

Cruise Ships

A large cruise ship at port to illustrate OneWeb high-speed satellite  internet

OneWeb is revolutionising the cruise ship industry by providing passengers with the same level of connectivity at sea as they would have on land. The network guarantees smart device access to popular applications, including gaming, social media, or movie streaming services, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

With OneWeb's high-throughput network, passengers will have access to multiple avenues onboard, creating a 'city on the sea'. Whether a passenger wants to stay connected with friends and family, streaming high-quality entertainment, or conducting business activities, OneWeb's robust network ensures a fast and reliable connection throughout the journey, anywhere they sail.


Car transport ferries that could benefit from OneWeb high-speed connectivity

OneWeb provides a reliable alternative to terrestrial networks for ferry operators, ensuring uninterrupted high-speed connectivity throughout journeys. This leading satellite service provider offers ground-breaking connectivity plans tailored to varying vessel sizes, from ferries for people to larger vehicle-transporters, allowing for reliable and seamless connectivity for both passengers and crew.

Their intelligent terminal solution, equipped with high look angles, ensures that passengers can stay connected throughout their journey, no matter where they are on the vessel. The quality of the connection is preserved whether they are travelling along the coast or in the middle of the ocean.

Leisure Boats

Small leisure boat travelling across the surface of the water

OneWeb's leading connectivity service is designed to offer users of leisure vessels, both large and small, seamless and uninterrupted high-speed and high-quality connectivity throughout their entire journey., This connectivity solution is always available if they are navigating along the coast or sailing across the vast expanse of the open ocean.

With OneWeb's advanced technology, ship owners and operators can activate plans on demand, providing instant access to seasonal connectivity options based on their specific usage needs. This means that vessel owners can easily manage their costs and eliminate unexpected charges, ensuring that they stay within their budget and avoid any financial surprises.

Super Yachts

Super yachts of varying sizes at port the perfect sizes for OneWeb high-speed connectivity at sea.

The sophisticated OneWeb satellite connectivity service is tailored to meet varying bandwidth demands for both leisure and operational needs on super yachts. This ensures that both passengers and crew can enjoy uninterrupted access to a range of applications, services, and entertainment options.

In addition to this, OneWeb's technology provides super yacht owners with the security they need to perform their business activities as usual onboard. With OneWeb's secure connectivity, owners can operate their businesses confidently and with ease, knowing that their data is protected and that their communication channels are secure.

This satellite solution has the potential to transform the super yacht sector by providing high-performance, reliable, and affordable connectivity that allows customers to sail the oceans with the freedom they desire.

Commercial Fishing Boats


OneWeb is revolutionising the fishing industry by providing enhanced connectivity to not only larger vessels but also smaller fishing fleets and individual vessels. With OneWeb's advanced connectivity, fishing fleets can meet their increasing demands for data such as tracking catches, reporting their activities, and submitting operational and regulatory data. This allows fishing fleets to operate more safely, securely, and sustainably.

In the past, the fishing industry has faced limitations in terms of connectivity. This has made it difficult for them to access the data they need to operate efficiently and effectively. However, OneWeb's innovative technology has eliminated this barrier, providing these smaller vessels with the same level of connectivity that was once only available for larger vessels.

The technology promotes sustainability in the fishing industry by enabling more efficient and targeted fishing practices. By having access to real-time data on fish populations, weather patterns, and other key factors, fishing fleets can make more informed decisions about where and when to fish. This reduces the risk of overfishing and helps ensure the long-term viability of the fishing industry.

Learn more about OneWeb here or contact us for more information.

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