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OneWeb Use Case: The connected bridge

5/5/23 | 3 minute read

High-speed, low-latency workplace connectivity at sea

Ship owners and operators are looking for new ways to optimise their vessel performance in a highly competitive marketplace. Keeping in touch with vessels at sea and working with them as if in a normal office environment can be a crucial differentiator.

OneWeb is enabling a highly-functioning office at sea, through low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Offering global and ubiquitous connectivity, seafarers will experience a workplace comparable to on land. Enhanced communications with colleagues onshore allow teams to feel more valued, and enable realtime collaboration. This can increase productivity across the entire organisation and ensure that assets, cargo, and staff are connected at all times.

High-performance LEO satellite connectivity delivers terrestrial broadband speeds and low latency. This allows applications that have struggled with traditional satellite connections to operate effectively. OneWeb can provide ships with up to ten times faster speeds meaning crews can access widely-used streaming applications such as video conferencing, for eg Microsoft Teams calls, and social media tools.

Connectivity challenges

Today, ship owners and operators have a need to connect their bridge at sea to their offices on land. Fleet-wide ship management software, as an example, will allow them to make better-informed decisions. Ship’s officers need access to the samecollaboration tools, to work normally with colleagues on land, sharing ideas and documents via email and instant messenger, attending team calls, and streaming video from any location.

Connectivity solutions

The high bandwidth and low latency of LEO satellite connectivity can finally connect the office at sea. Ships that are integrated with corporate headquarters on land can access fleet-wide operational software, and tools to manage aspects of a voyage as diverse as procurement, crew rotas, supply chain management, vessel repairs and maintenance, and payroll. Connecting the ship to an always-on network allows cargo to be monitored and tracked throughout its journey. Ship owners who deploy workplace applications like video conferencing, collaboration tools, email, and cloud storage, are better equipped to improve efficiencies and services.

Enhanced and new applications

The office experience at sea

Deploy the connected office to vessels at sea, so crews can operate just as they would in a land-based office.

All the enterprise apps

Deliver a remote work environment onboard with unified communication and collaboration tools, video conferencing, email, cloud apps, and document sharing.

Essential software and back office

Ability to liaise with company purchasing department and place orders for parts, repairs, or technicians while at sea.

Coverage everywhere at sea

Ubiquitous coverage: ships receive the same fast, reliable connectivity no matter where they are.

Connected supply chain

Enable end-to-end tracking and cargo monitoring for real-time integration in the wider supply chain.

Fleet-wide software

Deploy fleet-wide ship management and enterprise resource planning software for improved efficiencies.

Global space-based connectivity made easy

OneWeb’s high speed network removes the barriers to fleet modernisation, allowing ship operators and their officers onboard to access connectivity with ease and forge ahead with their digitalisation journeys.

Our products and plans deliver the data speed, reliability and low latency that enables workers to be more efficient and companies to make better-informed decisions.

Our User Terminals (UTs) are simple to order, deliver, install, and maintain. OneWeb designs primary, backup, and hybrid network solutions for the requirements of modern maritime companies.

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