OneWeb Use Case: The connected owner, guests and passengers

5/5/23 | 5 minute read

Today’s passengers and guests have higher expectations than ever: they expect to have a connected experience at sea comparable to what they enjoy on land.

It is of paramount importance for superyachts to provide guests with reliable connectivity whenever they want it, even in the most remote locations at sea. This connectivity could be for entertainment purposes, to access social media or stream movies, or make video calls to family and friends.

They might want to play augmented reality video games or simply need to work while travelling. OneWeb LEO satellite connectivity enables guests to experience high-speed connectivity while at sea, just like they would enjoy on land. Fast, reliable, low-latency satellite connectivity can power a memorable and unique onboard experience for guests, and keep them coming back.

Connectivity challenges

High-speed, low-latency onboard connectivity is a must-have for demanding passengers, whether traveling on cruises or relatively short ferry journeys. Passengers want to have a quality online experience, stay productive for work, and be entertained. In the past, passengers often needed to be in a specific place onboard a ship to get a good signal, as onboard distribution systems were limited.

That’s changing, and today many cruise ships offer guests bow-to-stern Wi-Fi. With an average of 3,000 passengers onboard a cruise ship, that’s a hefty challenge to overcome. The connected guest expects to access and use cloud computing as well as choose preferred applications while at sea that require speed and low latency. Traditional satellite connectivity using GEO is often not fast enough to serve the growing demand for bespoke applications and faster speeds that today’s customers want.

Connectivity solutions

OneWeb Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity empowers ship owners and operators with the connectivity they need to satisfy the most demanding and expectant of passengers. Technological advances have driven lifestyle and work-related choices that rely on connectivity.

Enhanced Opportunities

Enabling the connected guest experience

LEO satellite connectivity can give ship owners and operators the ability to service passengers with a more refined experience and business travellers with a more productive journey. Low-latency connectivity allows passengers to work during voyages, stream movies or TV boxsets, play online games, make video calls to friends and family, and upload photos and videos to social media. As a result, ship owners and operators can improve customer loyalty and increase profitability.

Satisfying premium customers

OneWeb LEO satellite connectivity is also the best choice for superyachts. Demand for global satellite communications onboard superyachts has grown in recent years, and operators need an always-on connectivity experience for premium customers worldwide, including polar routes. OneWeb connectivity provides the capacity, coverage, and low latency that deliver the premium connected experience expected by superyacht owners and passengers.

A better voyage across all touchpoints

LEO satellite connectivity lets ship owners and operators transform the sea travel experience for passengers of all types. In addition to giving guests access to their own entertainment and content, OneWeb connectivity lets passengers make any itinerary changes they need to make in real-time, provide necessary pre-arrival documentation online, book additional tickets or hotel rooms. This enhances the experience at every touchpoint along the journey.

Enhanced and new applications

Content streaming

Allows passengers to use their own devices and own video streaming accounts such as Netflix or Apple+ and watch what they want, when they want.

Online gaming

Passengers can leverage high-speed, low-latency connectivity to play Fortnite, League of Legends or FIFA Leagues while at sea.

Social media

Guests can stream video and post regularly in real-time to keep friends and family up to speed throughout their voyage at sea.


Travellers can make adjustments to itineraries and keep friends or colleagues informed of changes while at sea.


Business guests can make video calls using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any other app while on the ocean.

Cloud access

Passengers can stay productive by accessing corporate documents and files in the cloud from anywhere at sea. Enhanced and new applications

Global space-based connectivity made easy

OneWeb LEO satellite connectivity can empower the connected guest like never before and make online experiences at sea comparable to those on land. Our products and plans deliver the data speed, reliability and low latency that enables ship owners, guests, and passengers to connect more effortlessly, enjoy more data, as well as use it to make effective decisions.

Our user terminals are simple to order, deliver, install, and maintain. OneWeb provides primary, backup, and hybrid network solutions for the requirements of modern maritime companies.

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