OVERVIEWLike all SAILOR VSAT, Cobham SATCOM have designed the SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku for quick and cost-effective deployment, and it is especially relevant for installations where there are no cranes or forklifts available, regardless of vessel size or budget. SAILOR 600 Ku-Band VSAT Antenna is part of AST's VSAT solution .

Super-light, scientifically designed and software controlled, the SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku is the most advanced 60 cm class Ku-band antenna available today. It offers unmatched reliability and link stability on a global basis, opening the world of maritime broadband on VSAT to a wider range of vessels.

The SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku enables VSAT where deemed not possible before.

SAILOR 600 Ku-Band VSAT Antenna is part of AST's VSAT solution

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Cobham is a leading global technology and service company that specializes in cutting-edge solutions for the most incendiary problems. They provide deep space solutions, as well as oceanic solutions.

    Features and Benefits

    • Small and super lightweight at only 35 kg

    • Single cable between antenna and below deck equipment

    • Dynamic motor brakes

    • Automatic Azimuth calibration

    • Automatic cable calibration

    • Quick commissioning

    Technical Information

    Network Provider
    VSAT: VNO/ITC/Telenor/Isotropic


    Crew Welfare

    Crew welfare is paramount to shipping companies’ objectives and effective communication is crucial to enabling efficient operations.

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