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AST Reygar's BareFLEET Remote Asset Management System

AST Networks and Reygar have joined forces to elevate the AST Reygar BareFLEET remote asset management system, a software platform designed to support those in the maritime sector.

BareFLEET improves operational efficiency, reduces costs, improves crew safety, and supports environmental compliance.

Bringing real-time monitoring, maintenance, reporting, and guidance to one platform, allowing users to remotely track their assets anywhere in the world.

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We explore the vital role of data analytics and management for companies hoping to make informed decisions, optimise their routes and enhance overall efficiency.

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Vessel monitoring and reporting

Vessel performance monitoring

Real-time vessel monitoring allows onboard crew and remote operators to assess vessel performance data and whether it is being operated in the most efficient manner.

Fuel emissions / bunkering

BareFLEET can provide real-time shoreside alerts when skipper behaviour or vessel conditions are causing fuel inefficiency. These insights can be used to lower fuel costs and emissions.

Vessel rules and alerts

BareFLEET offers standardised rules and alerts alongside bespoke options based on your needs. A traffic light system and real-time notifications allow you to make informed decisions quickly.

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CCTV and voyage data recorder integration

Users can assess live data alongside a visual CCTV feed to provide more context about the performance of their assets.


BareFLEET supports multiple geofences and provides unique alerts when these regions and locations are entered or departed, ensuring vessels stay within their agreed area of operation.

Vibration analysis

Vibration monitoring provides valuable data about how the vessel’s structure or system responds to excitation sources including engines and shaft propellers.

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Vessel motion monitoring

Respond to increased compliance requirements for crew welfare and safety with vital data on heave, pitch, roll, motion sickness, maximum fender collisions and weather data, such as wave height and angle.

Crew location

BareFLEET allows users to manage the records of the crew’s certificates and accreditations, as well as monitoring their safety by identifying when they embark and disembark the vessel.


BareFLEET can be set to provide customised reports in addition to more standard reporting such as data aggregated for performance comparisons across fleet & personnel, single & dual diagnostic reports, daily progress reports and emissions reporting.

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Vessel Maintenance Management

Oversee fleet maintenance while providing transparency to your organization to minimize breakdowns and unproductive periods. The BareFLEET maintenance dashboard can support decreased downtime, enhanced resource utilization, reduce costs, and fundamentally optimise fleet operations.


  • Predictive maintenance

  • Analysis of maintenance history and reporting

  • Defects Reporting

  • Stocks and spare part management

  • Compatible for DNV approval certification

  • Cross fleet job standardisation

  • Class surveys and certificate management

  • Automated maintenance job scheduling

AST Networks IRAMS helped detect and avoid a £50,000 engine rebuild
Reporting & Guidance

Adaptive speed guidance

BareFLEET helps ensure an optimised voyage by using collected and real-time data on vessel motions, weather and sea conditions, engines and systems, and operator and vessel response.

Route guidance/optimisation

Our weather adaptive route guidance uses collected, calculated and forecast data to find the optimal route to follow on your journey. BareFLEET ensures your voyage is both safe and fuel-efficient.

Weather and sea condition reports

Real-time weather and sea condition reporting allows both remote operators and captains to make informed decisions either in port or at sea.

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"After studying several Vessel Monitoring systems, we finally opted for the vessel motion system from AST Networks - BareFLEET. It helps us to gain a good insight into the use of the engines on board our vessels and the performance of the ships at sea. The choice was also prompted by the presence and service of AST Networks' local dealer in the Netherlands (Nexus Ocean). Furthermore, AST Networks has the drive to further optimise the delivered product in the collaboration that has been entered into." - Douwe van den Berg, Owner, Coastwise
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