Predictive Maintenance Maritime

Reducing operational expenses is one of the key aims for many maritime businesses and vessel owners through predictive maintenance.

Photo of a tugboat to illustrate predictive maintenance for maritime

Predictive Maintenance System

Our Predictive Maintenance System is populated by information automatically produced by the Vessel Management telemetry system making it easier for you to view data.

The software enables users to easily plan, monitor, record and implement complex maintenance tasks, including compliance reporting and innovative predictive maintenance monitoring.

Photo of an outboard motor for a boat to illustried how telematics planned maintenance system can help maritime
Simplifying Daily Asset Management tasks

Through Predictive Maintenance, a ship's crew and shore-based support teams can manage daily checks, stock levels and routine procedures at the click of a button. With in-depth progress management, users can record tasks as well as attach supporting files and documents such as images.

From medical supplies to the main engine, every piece of equipment on board can be listed together along with any associated work procedures.

Engineer on a ship bridge looking up documented for a planned maintenance system
Traffic Light System to Alert Users

The Predictive Maintenance System home page uses a simple traffic light system to highlight any equipment that requires attention, and indicates dates when tasks are due. Any update made on the ship’s system is automatically available to view in the shorebased office application, ready for the relevant manager.

Because the contributes significantly towards improving maintenance on the vessel(s), it vastly increases efficiency by avoiding downtime and preventing parts malfunction.

Predictive Maintenance Features
  • Automated maintenance job scheduling
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Analysis of maintenance history and reporting
  • Defects Reporting
  • Stocks and spare part management
  • Compatible for DNV approval certification
  • Cross fleet job standardisation
  • Class surveys and certificate management
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