Maritime IT Systems

Maritime IT Systems

At AST Networks, we understand the critical role that IT system play in modern ship operations.

As reliance on IT equipment grows in ship operations and equipment, maritime IT systems enable crews to stay connected with their loved ones. Additionally, automation enhances safety and efficiency onboard vessels and platforms. However, ensuring a secure and reliable IT infrastructure that complies with the ISM code is crucial. Our advanced IT systems enable crews to automate various functions, streamline operations, and always ensure seamless communication. With AST Networks, you can enhance the overall success of your maritime missions.

We also offer comprehensive remote support to analyse and solve problems for your crew, without the need for docking at port or having an engineer onboard. Our solutions can include hardware, which we can ensure is available at your next port of call. We also assit crew with installation, helping reduce costs, improve performance, and minimise downtime. Additionally, our services contribute to sustainability by helping you create a smaller footprint, we can even provide data on your footprint reduction.

Our remote support stands out from the rest because it is proactive; we can conduct remote diagnostics, and provide a wide range of IT solutions for various onboard systems, including cargo decks, cranes, and gensets. We also specialise in Operational Technology (OT) systems, with the ability to handle data from the 300+ pieces of equipment typically found on a vessel. Our unique capability to collect, store, and analyse this data allows us to offer remote services for different systems, not just bridge equipment.

The integration of IT and OT, along with IoT, is a crucial area of growth for the maritime sector, offering significant benefits, including reducing costs and minimising downtime.

Why Choose AST Networks?

We design, supply, and maintain a robust network of infrastructures that form the backbone of various onboard systems. We prioritise performance and safety, adhering to maritime regulations, and our comprehensive range of IT-based systems includes storage and back-up solutions, firewalls, satellite communication systems, CCTV, PA systems, telephones, door access systems, and entertainment systems, all of which seamlessly integrate with your onboard network infrastructure.

Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges of the maritime environment, providing vessel operators with the tools you need to navigate the complexities of modern ship operations effectively – we know shipping, we know what you need.

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