Cellular and Radio Maritime Solutions

Photograph from the ground of a phone mast to illustrate an article about long-term evolution (LTE) and hybrid connectivity

Cellular and Radio Maritime Solutions

Cellular and radio solutions play a pivotal role in enhancing communication, safety and operational efficiency within the maritime sector. Choose AST Networks for uncompromised communication network solutions, wherever your operations may be.

Cellular networks provide reliable and robust voice and date communication services to vessels near coastal areas, enabling crew members to stay connected with shore-based facilities and emergency services. They also support maritime applications, such as fleet management, vessel tracking, and remote monitoring of onboard systems.

Likewise, our radio services represent our commitment to dependable communication for the maritime sector. Recognising the critical importance of clear transmissions in varying environment, we've developed our cellular and radio offerings to address the specific challenges of terrestrial and maritime domains.

Our focus on technical excellence and consistent performance ensures that businesses operating in remote regions or international waters can maintain seamless remote connectivity.

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