Crew Welfare

Trust that your crew is safe, healthy and connected wherever they are required to operate in our oceans, ports and docks.

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Crew Welfare and Management

Crew welfare is paramount to shipping companies’ objectives and effective communication is crucial to enabling efficient operations.

In today’s world, crew members are likely to adopt a ‘bring-your-own-device’ approach when boarding a vessel and use this as their connection to friends and family on the shoreside. However, this method is not very reliable.

AST Networks provides management solutions for onboard connectivity, enabling critical, operational and personal communications to be made in every corner of the world.

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Keep your crews connected

Crew health, both physical and mental, can be influenced by reliable connectivity with colleagues, friends and family on the shoreside.

We provide connectivity solutions over satellite so your crews can stay in touch with their loved ones and important points of contact (such as doctors) no matter where they are.

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Video teleconferencing over satellite

DigiGone™ Sat-Chat takes satellite communications services to the next evolutionary step. It allows clients to communicate around the world, through fully encrypted means.

Sat-Chat services provide our clients with secure video teleconferencing, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), IM Chat, and file transfer capabilities, even from the most remote locations while using Inmarsat BGAN or FleetBroadband.

Widely used across different sectors

DigiGone has years of proven reliability and service in a variety of environments, all over the world including sectors such as:
  • Federal and state agencies

  • Emergency response teams

  • Department of Defence contractors

  • Intelligence and special operation communities

  • Satellite communication service providers

  • Oil/gas/mining corporations

  • Commercial fishers

  • International energy trading corporations

  • Financial investment companies

  • Global reconstruction groups

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Take control of your onboard data

Our INTEGRA Services are exclusively available for AST Networks customers through My AST Portal - empowering users to access real-time data management, allowing captains and crew to be in control of application use on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Iridium Certus® and Inmarsat prepaid scratch cards

Connecting crew with the shoreside via dedicated calling cards, or prepaid calling cards for seafarers.

These prepaid calling cards are a popular method to boost crew morale whilst maintaining business-critical communication.

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Iridium Go Chat Captain/Crew calling

Stay connected with your friends and family anywhere in the world with Iridium Crew Calling, using Iridium GoChat prepaid calling cards.

Iridium Certus® Prepaid Scratch Cards are available to from AST Networks for both Maritime and Land Mobile customers. Cards are available in denominations of 5, 45, and 90-minutes providing Iridium Certus® equipment owners with the ability to place calls on the Iridium® network.

Crew member pointing towards end of ship using a radio
Inmarsat Crew Calling Cards

We understand that vessel owners and managers do not want the administrative overhead of trying to enable, monitor and, subsequently, charge crew for use of the FleetBroadband voice post-paid service.

There is little, if any, control over the actual time a crew member spends on the telephone and there can be problems defining and chasing users for payment, especially when there are frequent crew changes.

The AST Networks Short Access Code (SAC) prepaid crew calling service separates business and crew usage simply and effectively. Users can purchase a SAC voucher/PIN, which can be used to make calls from the vessels FB handset.

"Connecting people around the world is what we do - AST Networks is proud to provide solutions that keep seafarers and mariners safe, well and connected with the shoreside wherever they are deployed"

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