Image of ground stations demonstrating the antennas used to receive and send signals in order to deliver data to satphones and mobile phones.


Reliable, high-speed and always available communication is a necessity for all fixed operations such as remote land region activity. We offer global VSAT (very small aperture terminal) services for internet you can rely on, connecting you to your remote workforce and assets.

AST Networks is a leading provider of ka-band and ku-band VSAT empowering operations managers, IT teams and remote workers all over the world with medium and heavy use communication.

Our connectivity experts design and build bespoke land VSAT solutions as stand-alone services or as part of managed and integrated connectivity networks. This includes primary and secondary communications, 4G and L-Band service connectivity.

Mining excavation machinery inside a mine shift with its lights on
Seamless coverage, anywhere in the world

Guaranteed bandwidth, providing reliable access to the internet and applications such as voice services, entertainment services, and video surveillance with ‘always on’ redundant communication.

Regardless of location, the seamless delivery of VSAT services and our extensive coverage will mean connectivity is available for you and your teams whenever and wherever you need it.

Photo of earth at night with the lights on in some cities taken afar from a satellite orbiting the globe
Digitise your operations

With the energy transition and environmental goals driving rapid and dynamic change, demand for satellite solutions that improve operational efficiency is increasing.

VSAT technology solutions are enabling companies to be more versatile in operations. No longer are workers required to travel to collect data when it can be accessed remotely – reducing carbon footprint, saving time and improving worker welfare.

Land VSAT from AST Networks offers a fully managed and future-proofed service via satellite for 'always on' communications, internet, data and telephony.

Research station on the shore of an island in Antarctica with land connectivity
Fully managed end-to-end service

AST Networks ensures you have access to tailored reliable connectivity, allowing you to focus fully on operations. Our experts design and build solutions that suit your unique needs ensuring that you can optimise spend, expertise and operational efficiency.

Our service is supported by our 24/7 global customer support, meaning we are the partner you can always rely on, wherever you are located.

  • Scalable and future-proof

  • Boundless connectivity

  • Seamless interoperability

  • Fully managed service

  • 24/7/365 support

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