Industry expertise tailored for your teams so they can use critical satellite communications effectively.

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AST Networks' inhouse team are expertly trained to offer a broad range of satellite communication training programmes and workshops tailored to your individual business needs.

We host physical and virtual sessions for both new and old satellite and radio products, solutions and services to help improve the skills and knowledge of your workforce.

Please contact us discuss any training requirement you might have for either satellite equipment, installation, airtime or for AST Networks' range of solutions.

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We adapt with you

Developed and delivered by our inhouse global customer support experts, we tailor our courses to suit your requirements and can accommodate a variety of needs depending on the technical ability of your people.

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Selected by industry leaders

Chosen by leading network providers including OneWeb and Iridium to test and trial solutions pre-launch means we have inside knowledge and understand of services and hardware before it is even available.

Our hardware knowledge stems from physical training, activation and implementation of products in a live environment – lead manufacturers including Thales, Cobham and Intellian rely on our expertise to trailblaze innovative market-changing hardware.

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