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For limited period only, maritime users across the globe can sign up to our OneWeb Maritime service and get two months airtime and hardware at no cost.*​

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As OneWeb’s most experienced maritime partner, AST Networks are excited to be able to offer customers the opportunity to trial and experience OneWeb next generation high-speed, low-latency satellite connectivity. 


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  • By signing up to a 12 month contract, with the ability to cancel hassle free within the first 30 days, you can benefit from;
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  • AST Network’s INTEGRA Control – the only comms and bandwidth management solution offering real-time, application-level control
  • Dedicated AST Networks Manager
  • OneWeb installation expertise
  • 24/7/365 customer support

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How Eutelsat OneWeb Works

OneWeb’s innovative LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellation provides ground-breaking high-speed connectivity partnering together with AST Networks experience and knowledge. The satellite constellation is a planned initial 648-satellite constellation.

Oneweb’s satellites, orbiting at only 1200km, are 30 times closer to earth than geo satellites and 8 times closer than MEO satellites. This low altitude provides unrivalled 100ms low-latency connectivity, allowing vessels, passengers, and crew to access the same tools and experiences as on land.

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    LEO satellites are what power OneWeb's high-speed services

    A cargo ship sailing in under a bridge to dock
    Merchant Shipping

    For the commercial maritime industry, OneWeb’s high-speed connectivity enables ships to function as highly efficient offices. Maritime workers can stay connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with OneWeb and AST wide product and solution portfolio. Our dependable global service is also the first in the Arctic with exceptional capacity.

    A large work boat sailing close the the shoreline
    Commercial Fishing

    Fishing fleet owners will always looking for ways to improve operational efficiency and safety by accessing weather information and being able to privately contact other vessels in their fleet.

    OneWeb and AST Networks' high-speed connectivity solutions will provide superior connectivity to both fishing fleets and individual vessels, which is currently only available to larger vessels.

    A small yacht speeding through the sea
    Yachts & Leisure Boats

    Owners and passengers digital expectations require that they stay connected 24/7 to make calls, watch Netflix, access the internet, and send texts and emails from any location and in any weather.

    OneWeb and AST Networks global satellite communications service for the leisure sector offers high-speed and high-quality connectivity.

    2 young people at the front of a yacht that is out at sea
    Super Yachts

    As more people move their offices onboard and enjoy greater flexibility with seasonal sailing to explore different routes, reliable and secure high-speed internet has become an important selling point.

    OneWeb and AST Networks can provide owners with the benefit of plans on demand, connectivity options based on usage, and the ability to eliminate fixed and unexpected costs.

    Use Case Downloads

    • Photo of man on the bridge of a ship for the cover of the OneWeb bridge use case

      The Connected Bridge

    • The Connected Seafarer

    • Photo of wind turbines at sea, cover image for the OneWeb Use Case on offshore oil fields

      The Connected Offshore Field

    • The Connected Owner, Guests and Passengers

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