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At AST Networks EMEA, we believe in the power of connectivity to drive progress, ensure safety, and foster growth.
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    AST Networks Europe, Middle East and Africa leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver remote connectivity network solutions, dedicated to serving diverse industry sectors, across the EMEA regions.

    We provide un-paralleled satellite-based communication services, tailored to the unique requirements of each customer.

    Our sector-focussed tailored solutions stand as proof of our dedication to serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa with the pinnacle of satellite technology and remote connectivity solutions.

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    Workboat in the middle of the sea

    The expansive and diverse maritime sector demands connectivity solutions that are as vast as the seas they cover. AST Networks EMEA offers maritime satellite solutions that ensure seamless communication for vessels, regardless of their distance from shore. From navigation assistance and crew entertainment, to emergency response and real-time environmental updates, our technologies empower maritime operations with reliable and robust remote connectivity, enhancing crew welfare, safety, and operational performance.

    Birds eye photo of an offshore support vessel sailing away from an offshore platform
    Satellite connectivity for offshore support vessels

    Offshore support vessels, platform support vessels, and diving support vessels rely on dependable remote connectivity for successful offshore operations. AST Networks EMEA offers specialised maritime satellite solutions designed to meet the distinct needs of these vital maritime operations.

    Our innovative technologies guarantee uninterrupted communication for vessels operating in remote offshore locations, enabling crucial tasks like supply operations, platform upkeep, and underwater interventions.

    With AST Networks EMEA, offshore support vessels can rely on steadfast connectivity to improve safety, efficiency, and operational performance, even in the most demanding of environments.

    Three fixed offshore platforms off the Scottish coast
    Satellite connectivity for fixed offshore platforms

    Crews and equipment stationed on fixed offshore platforms frequently encounter remote, rugged, and demanding environmental conditions, in such settings reliable remote connectivity is essential.

    AST Networks EMEA offers tailored maritime satellite communication solutions specifically designed to address the distinct requirements of offshore installations. Our state-of-the-art technologies ensure continuous connectivity for fixed offshore platforms, supporting crucial activities, such as remote monitoring, personal management, and emergency response.

    With AST Networks EMEA, fixed offshore platforms can trust consistent connectivity to improve safety, optimise operations, and maintain the efficient functioning of crucial elements within the offshore sector.


    In the vast expanse of offshore energy, Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading vessels (FPSOs) serve as indispensable centres for resource extraction and processing. At AST Networks EMEA, we understand the challenges FSPOs face in remote offshore locations, that’s why our customised maritime satellite solutions are strategically crafted to tackle these challenges directly.

    AST Networks EMEA employs cutting-edge technologies to guarantee FSPOs uphold uninterrupted and dependable communication channels, this capability enables essential operations like remote asset management, control of hydrocarbon production, and swift responses to operational needs.

    Photo of two engineers in a field with wind turbines in the background

    Vast terrestrial landscapes require connectivity solutions that are as solid as the ground we walk on. AST Networks EMEA provides groundbreaking, ground-based, satellite communication solutions that guarantee seamless communication for operations, regardless of location or environmental conditions. From logistical coordination to emergency management, our technologies empower ground-based activities with reliable and robust remote connectivity, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

    Hybrid connectivity solutions

    In our interconnected landscape, business and organisations encounter a multitude of connectivity challenges, ranging from maintaining smooth communication in remote locations to managing data-heavy applications with minimal latency demands. AST Networks EMEA’s hybrid network solutions are designed to tackle these challenges by skilfully integrating a range of technologies, such as satellite, LTE (Long Term Evolutions), cellular, and much more.

    Abstract image of continents with nodes between them to symbolise satellite networks hybrid connectivity
    Satellite and terrestrial integration

    Central to our hybrid connectivity strategy lies the fusion of satellite and terrestrial networks. Satellite connectivity offers worldwide coverage, making it ideal for remote or offshore sites where traditional terrestrial networks are limited, this ensures that operations have seamless communication and data access, regardless of their location.

    Abstract digital computer generated image of the globe
    Dynamic load balancing

    A standout aspect of our hybrid solutions is dynamic load balancing, this technology enhances data traffic efficiency by intelligently directing it through the most suitable network, at any point in time. For instance, data necessitating minimal latency – like live video conferencing or real time telemetry, can utilise high-speed LTE, or cellular networks, while less time-critical data can be transmitted by satellite. This approach guarantees organisations enjoy the advantages of both worlds – minimal latency and worldwide coverage

    Boat next to iceberg during a snow storm
    Resilience and redundancy

    Hybrid connectivity enhances network resilience and redundancy. If one network encounters disruptions from weather, interference, or other factors, traffic effortlessly and seamlessly transitions to an alternative available network, safeguarding operational continuity. This redundancy proves especially important for mission-critical applications, where downtime would be detrimental.

    High up aerial photography of clouds over mountains
    Scalability and adaptability

    Our hybrid network solutions offer exceptional scalability and flexibility. Whether you’re a small-scale business operating within a region or a multinational corporation operating on a global scale, our hybrid network approach can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. As technology progresses, our solutions easily integrate new advancements, such as emerging satellite constellations, or next generation cellular networks, ensuring your organisation remains and the forefront of connectivity and communications.

    Abstract imagery of someone sitting at their laptop with a ship coming through the screen highlighting Remote Asset Management marine software
    Remote Asset Management

    AST Networks introduces AST Reygar, a dedicated remote asset management software platform crafted specifically for the maritime industry. It will elevate your operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure adherence to environmental regulations. This all-encompassing platform integrates monitoring, maintenance, reporting, and guidance, empowering users to remotely oversee their assets no matter where in the worlds they are, and make well-informed decision based on real-time data.

    Photo of Earth from space to illustrate Global Maritime Connectivity Leader, AST, Secures Intellian OneWeb Certification
    Become a channel partner

    AST Networks' solution led services are available through our independent channel partners, operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

    Our chosen channel partners are provided with dedicated support, training, product and service information, and customer support tools to ensure excellent customer service support is always available, wherever you are in the world.

    If you are interested in becoming a channel partner, learn more here about requirements are needed.


    AST Networks EMEA recognises that cybersecurity is vital in today’s connected world, and never more so than when your crews are operating in some of the remotest and harshest environments across the globe. Our promise is to deliver connectivity that safeguards vessels and crew, this is backed by more than 30 years expertise in managing complex hybrid solutions.

    While individual vessel operators are responsible for meeting their obligation to IMO compliance, we provide a range of tools and option that assist with building custom cybersecurity response.

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