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Tailored maritime solutions, from us, to you. Navigating the complexities of maritime operations requires expert guidance and bespoke solutions. We pride ourselves on offering professional consultancy services that help you make informed decisions about your navigation and communication systems.

Navigating the complexities of maritime operations requires expert guidance and bespoke solutions, and we are here to provide just that. With our extensive experience and in-depth first hand knowledge, we offer professional consultancy services that empower you to make informed decision about your navigation and communication systems.

Our experienced consultants work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and goals, whether you're managing a commercial fleet, operating a specialised vessel, or ensuring the safety of passenger ships, our tailored solutions are designed to enhance safety, improve efficiency, and increase your profitability.

We take a client-focused approach, beginning with an in-depth analysis of your current systems and operational needs. By identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for innovation, we develop customised solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. From advanced communication technologies and robust network architectures to cutting-edge IT systems and compliance with maritime regulations, we ensure that every aspect of your maritime operation is optimised.

Our comprehensive support enables you to navigate with confidence and efficiency, ensuring that your operations are always their best. With AST Networks, you gain a reliable partner, dedicated to enhancing your maritime experience through tailored, expert solutions.


Cybersecurity is critical, especially when your crews are operating in some of the remotest and harshest environments across the globe. Our promise to deliver connectivity that safeguards vessel and crew, is backed up with more than 30 years experience in managing complex hybrid solutions.

Our solutions protect your data and systems from emerging threats, whilst our integrated sensor solutions leverage data, providing real-time, accurate information that enhances decision-making and operational effectiveness. find out more about our cybersecurity promise here.

Future-Proofing your Operations with NavComs

At AST Networks, we understand the crucial role that effective navigation and communication systems play in maritime operations. Our NavCom solutions support your vessel’s performance today, whilst ensuring sustainability and profitability for the future.

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