Aerial photograph of a remote river with a base camp to illustrate Eutelsat OneWeb’s connectivity potential

Eutelsat OneWeb and AST Networks Partner to Bring Seamless Connectivity Solutions to Remote Regions

1/6/23 | 4 minute read

Eutelsat OneWeb, a global communications company, and leading satellite communications provider AST Networks, announced a strategic partnership to offer seamless connectivity solutions throughout the globe, from the UK and beyond. This partnership is bringing significant changes in the satellite industry, especially in the areas of network connectivity, internet services, and IoT solutions.

With this collaboration, Eutelsat OneWeb and AST Networks leverage their respective strengths in the satellite industry to provide innovative solutions to customers in the UK and beyond.

OneWeb's low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation, which comprises of over 400 satellites, will provide high-speed internet services to AST Networks customers across remote regions. This includes land-based operations and maritime businesses.

OneWeb's LEO satellite network, backed by the UK government, offers significant advantages over traditional satellite systems, including lower latency, higher data speeds, and improved coverage. These features make it ideal for a range of applications, including IoT, maritime, aviation, and remote or lone workers. Eutelsat's OneWeb's satellites are designed to provide seamless coverage across the globe, making it an ideal choice for companies looking for a reliable connectivity partner.

AST Networks is a leading provider of satellite communications solutions and has a strong presence globally with offices in the UK, America, Australia and Asia. AST Networks offer a range of services, including connectivity, voice, and data solutions for businesses, governments, and individuals. AST Networks is also relied upon by many of our partners to deliver critical communications in the event of a disaster. If important connectivity infrastructure is damaged in a country, AST Networks provide rapid support for places that have been cut off or damaged by climate emergencies, such as floods, hurricanes or earthquakes.

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Photo from space of the planet earth to illustrate remote connectivity from OneWeb

Together, AST Networks and Eutelsat OneWeb are going to drive innovation in the satellite industry – with OneWeb’s groundbreaking technology and AST's 30 years experience of delivering sector-focussed integrated solutions, now is the time to partner with AST Networks.

With the increased availability of high-speed internet services, businesses and individuals in remote areas of the world will be able to access new technologies and services that were previously not available. This, in turn, will drive demand for new applications, leading to further innovation and global digitalisation.

It’s an exciting time for the satellite connectivity sector and the clients that use these high-tech services. With expanded coverage launching soon, more maritime and land businesses will be able to utilise 5G-like connectivity across the globe.

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