Government & Security

Secure, resilient uninterrupted voice, data and video services you can count on in challenging environments.

Government and security military convoy with trucks and tanks
From security threats to natural disasters, events can occur quickly and unexpectedly.

Governments, security and military personnel often operate in harsh environments, coordinate remote teams and continuity of operations in emergency situations under extreme pressure.

First response teams require access to fast, portable and reliable satellite communications at a moment’s notice, without disruption to operations. Whether mobile, vehicular, fixed or portable, AST Networks hybrid communications provide end-to-end connectivity solutions via satellite, GSM, HF/VHF radio and Wi-Fi to ensure optimal resilience and avoid any blackouts during mission-critical operations.

OneWeb for Government

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Offering connectivity equipped for operations anywhere, even the most remote environments, including:

  • First responders
  • Armed forces,
  • Government agencies

Government & Security Solutions

  • Worker Welfare & Management

    Reliable and robust remote connectivity is not only vital for operational duties, but also for your workers welfare.

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  • Land Connectivity

    Enabling a connection to anything or anyone in any location – whether at a mining site, a single worker in a remote location or travelling the world.

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  • Land IoT & Asset Management

    Helping clients manage their land-based assets even in the toughest and most remote locations.

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  • Hybrid Connectivity Solutions

    Managed services tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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  • Two-way Asset Communication

    Setting up a way for equipment and devices in the field to communicate back and forth with a central control centre.

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Fully deployable satellite communications anywhere on the planet

When dealing with an emergency, your first teams on-the-ground must be able to communicate securely and effectively to co-ordinate one or many different response units from different departments.

Often, they are hampered by interoperability problems, unstable communications infrastructure or intermittent signal issues.

With 24/7 year-round global customer support, AST Networks' managed services deliver end-to-end solutions designed specifically to maximise performance where and when you need it most. Satellite communications terminals, modems and VSAT systems can be used to set up temporary offices, with access to applications, head office communications or even video conferencing solutions.

Paramedic on a satellite phone in front of his ambulance

Many ambulance crews across the globe operate in poor or non-existent radio/GSM coverage areas or suffer from blackspots which can interrupt coverage during potentially life-threatening situations. AST Networks can help provide robust, reliable communications on-the-move including vehicular mounted satellite terminals and push-to-talk radios.

 Fireman beside fire engine kneeling on the ground with ladder behind him

Fire crews operating in remote areas of the world often must tackle wildfires which can be dangerous as they spread fast, change direction, jump to other areas, potentially threatening life. AST Networks' robust communications solutions for fire services include vehicular mounted satellite terminals and push-to-talk radios which provide fast, reliable information that can be shared quickly to save lives.

Two police vans parked at the side of the road
Security and Police

With our scalable satellite connectivity broadband systems and wireless voice, video, data and internet solutions, security personnel and police can have access to robust and reliable control centre comms, and real-time sharing of critical information for effective and efficient management of any major incident or large-scale event.

Photo of a red and yellow emergency rescue helicopter flying in the air
Search and Rescue

Operations such as search and rescue require fast deployment and efficient co-ordination of many different services, including fire, ambulance and police crews. The ability to communicate between disparate radio networks becomes paramount to the success of the operation.

We can provide satellite and radio solutions to enable on-the-move communications and continuity of operations in any condition. Many satellite phones incorporate in-built SOS and tracking facilities that are ideal for personnel working in remote or dangerous surroundings.

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