Land Connectivity

From overseeing remote construction sites to managing distributed renewable energy sources, the utilisation of remote connectivity opens doors to a world of limitless possibilities for land-based operations.

    Land Connectivity

    • Man leaning on bonnet of his truck communicating using a satellite phone as a remote worker in the desert

      Mobile Satellite Services (MSS)

    • Image of ground stations demonstrating the antennas used to receive and send signals in order to deliver data to satphones and mobile phones.


    • Photo of Earth from space to illustrate AST Network's LEO connectivity partnerships

      LEO Connectivity

    • Hybrid Networks

    • A high standing radio tower in the middle of a forest of icy trees

      Cellular and Radio


    Operational Optimisation

    • Aerial photograph of mining site with assets managed by M2M terminal management

      Remote Asset Management

    Innovative SCADA system upgrade enables real-time remote monitoring and control for 20 reservoirs in Peru
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