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Accomplish more through reliable connectivity and remote control.

With the advancements in satellite communications, keeping your business connected has never been easier.

We provide a global network of internet connectivity for professional users in remote locations on land and sea. We understand the ever-evolving and complex connectivity challenges faced by our customers. Whether it is providing modern connectivity solutions for people, devices or sensors – we can help our customers run their operations safely and efficiently

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Blue interconnecting lasers curving over the surface of earth signifying land connectivity capabilities
Land Connectivity

Land connectivity satellite solutions are the perfect choice for situations where traditional communication methods are not feasible. Our flexible approach allows us to connect assets, remote workers, and global operational centres, ensuring that critical communications are always accessible.

Our established network, utilizing VSAT, L-Band, cutting-edge high-speed connectivity or a hybrid solution, guarantees dependable and efficient performance. So, you can be confident in our ability to deliver resilient and reliable communication.

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Remote & Lone Workers

Working in remote locations for extended periods can lead to feelings of isolation among your employees and workforce. The need to be connected to the internet not just for work purposes but also to stay in touch with loved ones and stay informed on current events.

At Applied Satellite Technology Networks, we prioritise the well-being of your employees with our connectivity services. Our dependable solutions provide global connectivity for remote workers, regardless of location.

Excavator mining equipment powered by IoT satellite communications services
Land IoT & Asset Management

Our IoT Asset Management solutions take your land-based operations to the next level by providing critical information in near real-time to you and your teams worldwide.

Innovative software, designed specifically for asset tracking and management, in combination with partnerships with top network providers, enables our clients across the globe to streamline their supply chains, increase efficiency, prioritise worker safety, and ultimately, realise essential cost reductions.

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Land Bespoke Solutions

We are poised to assist land-based organisations in overcoming obstacles that impede their growth. With a proven track record of success in both maritime satellite solutions and serving a diverse range of land-based industries, from the military to research, we can customize a solution tailored to your specific requirements using cutting-edge technologies including Wi-Fi, radio, IP, and mobile networks.

Aerial photograph of mining site with assets managed by M2M terminal management
M2M Terminal Management

At AST Networks , we have developed a M2M cloud-based asset management system with the goal of optimising performance. Our solutions for effective asset management in the land sector not only improve efficiency but also reduce expenses for your organisation.

Our user-friendly software is designed to be accessible to your teams, allowing you to control and track assets from anywhere, and proactively address potential safety concerns before they become a major issue.

Blue connectivity waves pulsating from a ship in the docks with a view from above
Maritime Connectivity

As the leading provider of maritime satellite communications, we deliver agile services and solutions that connect ships with other vessels, safety centres, and shoreside teams. This guarantees that essential communications and crew welfare resources are readily accessible to the linked ship.

Our well-established network, which incorporates VSAT, L-Band, high-speed connectivity, or a combination of these, ensures robust and dependable performance.

Small ship on rough sea relying on satellite communications services GMDSS to stay safe
Maritime Safety GMDSS

The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) is a crucial tool that ensures the safety of mariners during emergencies at sea. Utilising both satellite and terrestrial technology, on-board systems are engineered to prevent mishaps, swiftly notify rescue authorities and nearby ships in case of an emergency.

We offer reliable solutions for the maritime industry, enabling seamless connectivity for mariners anywhere in the world. From terrestrial radios, GSM handsets to full GMDSS-compliant solutions, AST Networks has got the safety and well-being of your vessel and crew covered in times of crisis, when communication is of utmost importance.

Autonomous vessel or USV in the ocean linked by IoT asset management satellite solutions for maritime
Maritime IoT & Asset Management

Our IoT Asset Management solutions elevate your maritime operations to new heights by providing you and your teams with crucial information in near real-time, anywhere in the world.

We have created our own specialised IoT software to manage asset tracking and have teamed up with top network providers to aid our global clients in connecting their supply chains, increasing productivity, boosting crew safety, and realizing substantial cost savings.

Woman on her phone on a yacht out at sea utilising satellite communications services to stay connected
Crew Welfare

For shipping and other maritime companies, the well-being of the crew is of utmost importance and maintaining efficient operations requires effective communication. In today's environment, crew members typically bring their own devices when they board a vessel and rely on them to stay connected with loved ones on shore. However, this method can be unreliable.

We offer solutions for managing onboard connectivity, making it possible for critical, operational, and personal communications to be conducted from anywhere in the world.

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INTEGRA Comms & Bandwidth Management

Our INTEGRA asset management system, built using cloud technology, has been designed for optimal performance. We work with the maritime industry to provide solutions that allow you to effectively manage assets while reducing operational costs.

With our advanced and user-friendly software solutions, we can elevate your ocean-based business to new heights. Discover how you can reduce expenses, improve efficiency, enhance crew welfare, and proactively address problems by learning more below.

Navy warships docked in to harbor
Maritime Bespoke Solutions

As specialists in creating solutions for the specific challenges faced by our maritime clients, we're equipped to assist you in overcoming your next obstacle.

For many years, we have collaborated closely with our clients to tackle difficulties that go beyond the typical demands of satellite communication services. By utilising Wi-Fi, radio, IP, mobile networks, and a mix of these technologies, we can ensure that your teams stay connected and able to communicate.

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