Autonomous Vessels

AST Networks is powering a new generation of craft and redefining the possibilities of data collection wherever it is needed.

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Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs), Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASVs), Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUVs) and Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASSs) make it possible to do more at sea without a human presence. The result is greater cost efficiency, reduced fuel requirements and increased safety, whatever the location and conditions. Our solutions are designed to thrive under enormous demand for data transfer.

Autonomous operation and remote control are made possible by continuous two-way data streams. We offer short-burst data up to VSAT satellite solutions in custom packages tailored for any operator working in the maritime sector. AST Networks' solutions are fitted on craft from 10ft electric inspection boats to 85ft+ research expedition ships.

These craft are outfitted for a wide range of missions, from environmental survey and mapping to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Below the surface, remotely operated vehicles (ROV) allow for object identification, infrastructure inspections and even basic maintenance tasks.

Autonomous Vessel Solutions

  • Maritime Connectivity

    Global and remote coverage tailored to meet your needs through seamless connectivity.

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  • Maritime IoT & Asset Management

    Enhancing the effectiveness of maritime assets.

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  • Maritime Safety GMDSS

    We provide satellite communications services which prioritise safety at sea.

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  • Crew Welfare

    Put the health and wellbeing of your crew first with secure and reliable communications.

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  • Comms & Bandwidth Management

    Providing efficient bandwidth management by giving you real-time access to monitor and control data usage.

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  • Hybrid Connectivity Solutions

    Managed services tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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Data without limits

The development of autonomous vessels has gone hand in hand with advances in connectivity. Missions that would have once been prohibitive due to cost or crew safety are now possible. Leaving experts on shore for more time spent on analysis and strategy and making it possible to sail into areas that may seriously threaten human life, such as hurricane regions.

But an effective autonomous vessel fleet depends on immediate decision-making facilitated by a reliable digital infrastructure. With hundreds of sensors on board each vessel allowing for on real-time video feeds, operational telematics, detailed weather monitoring, environmental sampling and much more.

This promise is made possible by AST Networks asset management and telematics solutions, matched to the connectivity, hardware and support your company needs. 

Security as standard

All AST Networks solutions are resilient and secure, putting service interruptions to a minimum and keeping your business running no matter what.

Many of our clients require always-on connectivity for regulatory compliance on remote piloting, obstacle avoidance and restricted areas.

Suppose your data requires additional layers of protection. Our expert teams work alongside you to provide all the security you need should your assets fall into the wrong hands. From encryption and data privacy measures to secure satellite backup to get you back up and running.

Our clients include major government and security firms that trust us to deliver every time.

Service that's 24/7

Our service never switches off. We'll find the ideal solution for your business, then work tirelessly to keep your autonomous vessels connected.

Your solution will depend on your industry, business and budget. For some, an LTE mobile connection will provide a cost-effective way to transmit data back to shore from short-range craft in coastal waters. Here, we can provide for line-of-sight reliability and limited power capability. For others, an IP network in remote parts of the globe will require the latest satellite technology to keep ships on track with total global coverage, whatever the conditions. Here, we partner with leading coverage providers such as Iridium Certus.

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Custom solutions

Autonomous vessels remains a new and exciting sector. However, it can be hard to find trusted sources of advice and recommendations that are right for your business. Our team will work collaboratively to develop the systems and solutions you need. From airtime packages to satellite equipment that completes the jigsaw. From real-time mission data to sampling at regular intervals, both delivered through a fully-functioning telematics and asset monitoring platform. It's all part of the service.

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