Commercial Shipping

Seamless connectivity solutions for sustainable business operations and crew safety and welfare.

Aerial view of a commercial shipping cargo ship at sea
As the commercial shipping industry moves away from using fossil fuels to alternative energy sources and technologies, vessel efficiency will play a huge part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from shipping.

With over 30 years of experience, AST Networks have learnt to adapt and innovative with the growing connectivity requirements of the commercial shipping industry. Now more than ever shipping companies are relying on satellite communications to not only connect their crew and keep them safe but track, monitor and connect their high-value assets.

AST Networks connectivity solutions enables fleet owners to use technology to transform their operations, improve performance, reduce costs through vessel optimisation, monitor environmental parameters to decarbonize and meet sustainability goals, and provide bandwidth management solutions across all channels to ensure crew productivity and wellbeing.

Commercial Shipping Solutions

  • Maritime Connectivity

    Global and remote coverage tailored to meet your needs through seamless connectivity.

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  • Maritime IoT & Asset Management

    Enhancing the effectiveness of maritime assets.

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  • Maritime Safety GMDSS

    We provide satellite communications services which prioritise safety at sea.

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  • Crew Welfare

    Put the health and wellbeing of your crew first with secure and reliable communications.

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  • Comms & Bandwidth Management

    Providing efficient bandwidth management by giving you real-time access to monitor and control data usage.

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  • Bespoke Solutions

    Struggling to find a solution to meet your needs? We can help.

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Male engineer in the control room of a commercial shipping boat with white helmet wearing glasses, using his mobile device connected with satellite communications services

Digital and autonomous technologies can transform the working lives of our seafarers while also raising both safety standards and operational efficiency.

AST Networks provide the link between the commercial shipping and digitalisation with innovative access to real-time data to enable greater and continuous connectivity and control over satellite, GSM networks and fleet/vessel management.

Man in a high visibility jacket on the bridge of a commercial shipping vessel communicating over satellite using the radio
Crew safety & welfare

Due to the nature of commercial shipping, crew can be at sea for prolonged periods of time, relying on satellite connection to stay in touch with loved ones and to boost morale on board through access to entertainment.

Onboard VSAT/L-Band/GSM services make bandwidth available for crew to access real-time entertainment (films, /social media etc.) as well as connect with family and friends on the shoreside at any time.

Tugboat pulling commercial shipping vessel as they communicate through satellite provided services
Vessel operations

Reliable connectivity available in real-time either onboard or from the shoreside at any point in time empowers the commercial shipping industry with immediate access to record and communicate information, data and take action to improve the vessel performance.

AST Networks put the maritime sector in control of their connectivity and bandwidth, from simple voice and data to corporate VSAT bandwidth connectivity solutions, AST Networks provides vessels with a reliable and secure connection anywhere in the world through a range of maritime satellite communications solutions.

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