Energy and utility companies are facing growing pressure to be more efficient, productive and sustainable. Adapting to the world around them more and more companies are turning to satellite communications and IoT to give them reliable and cost-effective solutions. 

Photo of energy sector oil and gas pipes leading into the sunset on the horizon
Digital transformation is a top priority in the highly specialised energy and utility industries. With new technologies offering greater efficiencies in production, processing, and distribution.

It helps manage market volatility while improving the management of existing resources.  Software such as AST Networks' asset management solutions can help the industry minimise risk and optimise operations. Whilst digitalisation itself is only feasible with reliable and effective connectivity solutions.

Utilities Solutions

  • Land Connectivity

    Enabling a connection to anything or anyone in any location – whether on an offshore platform, a one worker in remote location or travelling the world.

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  • Worker Welfare & Management

    Reliable and robust remote connectivity is not only vital for operational duties, but also for your workers welfare.

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  • Land IoT & Asset Management

    Helping clients manage their land-based assets even in the toughest and most remote locations.

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  • Hybrid Connectivity Solutions

    Managed services tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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  • Two-way Asset Communication

    Setting up a way for equipment and devices in the field to communicate back and forth with a central control centre.

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For electricity companies, the insight derived from data collected from IoT can enhance productivity and efficiency, improve decision making, solve critical problems, and reduce costs.

It's incredibly important for businesses in the electricity supply sector to ensure they have the most robust and reliable solutions in place. Any less could result in avoidable down-time which can impact customers.

AST Networks deliver integrated hardware and software solutions to give clients better management of assets and operations, greater reliability and security.

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Smart Grids

As the consumption for electricity continues to grow, the need for smarter energy solutions has increased and Smart Grids are being introduced across the globe. For Smart Grid Infrastructure to operate at peak productivity solutions capable of integrating equipment reliably in real-time is essential.

AST Networks has developed IRIS, its award-winning, cost-efficient remote monitoring and control application delivering a complete end-to-end solution to ensure operational efficiency.

Power Grid 3.jpg

Our M2M Terminal Management and products provide remote monitoring, surveillance, real-time data transfer and sharing options that help you reduce your operational costs.

Tailored to your requirements and utilising satellite and terrestrial networks our solutions and products give you a complete, truly reliable, unique, built to last package.

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With many countries now having developing their natural gas infrastructure they are relying more and more on satellite communications to support their complex systems and structures.

Reliable connectivity is also vital for asset management and monitoring the safety of your remote workers. AST Networks has been supporting the gas energy sector from mining to the supply chain, with innovative solutions that cut costs whilst improving processes.

Remote worker exploring mining location wearing a helmet
Smart Monitoring

Consumers rely on a constant supply of gas for many reasons, utility companies must be able to quickly identify faults in the distribution network. AST Networks understands the importance of smart applications and devices which allow companies to remain connected with their assets.

Our experience and ability to produce bespoke hardware and software solutions has allowed us to work with industry leaders.

Gas Safety.jpg

Gas is an extremely dangerous product therefore a high level of security measures need to be in place. If leaking it can cause devastating effects to life and property, therefore, monitoring remote assets  through IoT solutions such as iRAMS is essential.

AST Networks and its portfolio of services and products allow companies to safely monitor and track expensive assets or lone workers on-site in real-time ensuring that all personnel can operate in a safe environment.


AST Networks has provided complete end-to-end satellite communications solutions, products and airtime into the renewable energy market for many years

As a result, we have accumulated a wealth of experience within this growing sector as it continues to evolve and communication requirements become more complex.

AST Networks delivers reliable, high-performance satellite communications solutions for global asset management, telematics, monitoring and control, lone worker safety and remote communications to increase efficiencies and operational management via GSM or satellite.

Engineer at sunset with a computer looking at AST branded blue holograms of wind turbans whilst a blue pulse emits from over him
Wind farms

With our iRAMS suite of services, we also provide non-intrusive telematics and SCADA solutions which utilise global satellite technology to address the challenges of remotely monitoring and managing assets such as generators, reducing costs by saving on routine maintenance and engineering visits.

iRAMS Gensets uses non-intrusive telematics and SCADA solutions, which utilise global satellite technology to address the challenges of remote asset management, reducing costs by saving on routine maintenance and engineering visits.

Solar powered obstruction lighting skid
Solar Power

We provide many telematics and SCADA solutions for monitoring and control of solar-powered obstruction lighting skids on unmanned platforms with our iRAMS suite of services.


The global water market caters to a variety of different sectors making it one of the largest and most diverse industries.

In recent years, the demand for smart water solutions has increased with smart devices used for leak detection, water scarcity, and network efficiency.  

Water Treatment.jpg
Water treatment

With a growing population and the need to produce fresh drinking water increasing many utility companies are turning to satellite-based solutions for monitoring assets and to collect accurate real-time data.  

Operating across clean water and wastewater sectors AST Networks offers high end, complete effective satellite communications and SCADA solutions and products enabling clients to remotely access vital data via Satellite.

Water Utilities Pipe.jpg
Effective operations

AST Networks understands the importance of having an effective and efficient operational system in place.

Developed by AST Networks' in-house team our satellite communications and global asset management solutions give utility companies the ability to lower operational costs by significantly reducing the need for site visits.

AST Networks' software improves monitoring and decision making and speed up response time by identifying issues quickly through real-time intelligence on assets.  And remotely monitor assets which are connected via satellite, GSM and fixed network devices.

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