AST Networks are experts in providing remote communication solutions to enable the efficient running of mining sites from initial exploration, construction to production and ongoing maintenance of all communications solutions. 

Yellow diggers in a mining quarry
AST Networks provide a wide range of global satellite communication solutions for both the mining and resource industry.

Ranging from simple handheld satellite handsets and radios to complete VSAT systems and complex corporate internet communication solutions for mining or exploration camps.

AST Networks' M2M and IoT satellite solutions  provide remote monitoring and surveillance options that enable lower operational costs and provide real-time data transfer and sharing, facilitating immediate decision making. 

We offer satellite communications systems and equipment which increase lone-worker safety and allow operations to comply with environmental and regulatory standards.

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Mining Solutions

  • Land Connectivity

    Enabling a connection to anything or anyone in any location – whether on an offshore platform, a one worker in remote location or travelling the world.

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  • Worker Welfare & Management

    Leading solutions that ensure the safety, security and connectivity to your workforce even if they operate in the world’s most remote places.

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  • Land IoT & Asset Management

    Monitor and manage your assets from anywhere in the world with asset management tools that put you in control.

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  • Hybrid Connectivity Solutions

    Managed services tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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  • Two-way Asset Communication

    Setting up a way for equipment and devices in the field to communicate back and forth with a central control centre.

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During the mining exploration phase, robust communications and high transfer rates are critical to the exploration being a success as it relies heavily on collecting and transferring data for analysis.

Reliable connectivity is also vital for asset management and monitoring the safety of remote workers and is an important factor to their wellbeing.

Excavating mining machinery in the desert on a hot day
Robust and reliable communications

AST Networks provide a wide range of global satellite communications solutions for both the mining and resource sectors ranging from simple handheld satellite phones and radios to complex corporate internet communication solutions for mining or exploration camps.

If you’re moving about during the exploration phases, BGAN terminals are an excellent choice as they are light, portable, easy to use and provide high transfer rates, as well as voice service and SMS text messaging.


Mining sites are typically located in remote, mountainous or arid areas where GSM is unreliable or non-existent.

During the construction phase, communications will be at their highest with voice and data being used at an extreme rate. During this phase a fixed VSAT system is most often recommended, allowing for high bandwidth usage and full network management via INTEGRA from AST Networks.

AST Networks can remove the need for a costly and unreliable terrestrial network during the construction phase, instead, connecting monitoring devices, automated machinery and personnel on-line through a satellite network.

Mining excavation machinery inside a mine shift with its lights on
Remote worker welfare

Our combined satcoms solutions also supports remote worker welfare. From satellite comms that provides connectivity to home and recreational services through to handling medical emergencies.

Our software tracking solutions can also play a vital role in either accident prevention or providing alerts in case of a medical emergency.

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The production phase, which includes extraction and processing in mining, is the most well-known part of mining and the one from which the biggest results are generated.

M2M and IOT solutions such as remote monitoring of site security, access control, asset tracking and management become of critical importance.

Remote male worker holding his helmet watching mining machinery at a mining location
IRIS terminal management

AST Networks can lower operational costs by monitoring site security and surveillance in real-time. Whilst our IRIS terminal management and remote monitoring and control solution can;

  • Save time when safety is critical
  • Reduce cost of managing devices and need for site visits
  • Streamline processes
  • Improve decision making

IRIS is versatile and customisable and is suitable for a wide range of uses from, pressure and sensor monitoring to personnel tracking.

Connecting remote mining sites
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