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Dependable, high-end connectivity for your onboard guests and crew to stay connected wherever you sail or berth.

Super yacht leisure boat in the clear ocean in a hot part of the world
High speed high-capacity voice and data connectivity has become a necessity rather than a luxury for prestigious yacht and leisure boat owners, guests and crew alike.

Retaining reliable satellite communications services when on open water not only maintains a first-class experience for guests on board but allows access to essential weather and navigation information. With our product and solutions portfolio AST provides satellite communication solutions to manage and improve your connectivity, so that everyone on board can stay connected 24/7.

Yacht & Leisure Boat Solutions

  • Maritime Connectivity

    Global and remote coverage tailored to meet your needs through seamless connectivity.

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  • Maritime IoT & Asset Management

    Enhancing the effectiveness of maritime assets.

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  • Maritime Safety GMDSS

    We provide satellite communications services which prioritise safety at sea.

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  • Crew Welfare

    Put the health and wellbeing of your crew first with secure and reliable communications.

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  • Comms & Bandwidth Management

    Providing efficient bandwidth management by giving you real-time access to monitor and control data usage.

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  • Hybrid Connectivity Solutions

    Managed services tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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Connecting racing teams

With extensive knowledge in the yacht racing industry, AST has worked with race teams to provide bespoke voice and data services solutions to meet the ever-growing operational and media demands of the global yacht race, connecting race organisers to each of their teams 24/7, at every point of the global route.

We have supported world record breaking racing teams as they circumnavigate the globe ensuring they have the best use of bandwidth and connectivity throughout the journey. Preparation is the key to winning yachting events. Get the competitive edge with AST unrivalled communication solutions for access to weather forecasts and maintain position tracking so that your sail selection, rig setup and race strategy are the best they can be.

Sailing yacht leisure boat speeding over the waves on a clear day
A supercharged onboard experience

Whether it’s sailing for leisure or racing, passengers and crews on board expect high-speed, low latency connectivity. However, when out on the open sea connectivity on board can be a challenge, with inconsistent coverage, dead zones and slow speeds.

As global industry leaders, we can provide you with satellite communications systems including safety systems, radios, anti-piracy, TV and maritime communications. Our range of handheld and broadband terminals allow owners and passengers to make calls, stream entertainment, access the internet and send texts and emails, from any location and in any weather conditions.

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