Industrial cargo ship in the middle of the ocean to illustrate OneWeb's satellite connectivity for maritime

Eutelsat OneWeb’s mission to deliver reliable maritime satellite connectivity

22/5/23 | 3 minute read

Eutelsat OneWeb is bridging the digital divide by delivering cutting-edge satellite technology for maritime and land. This technology has been developed to enable high-speed and reliable internet connectivity in the most remote of locations.

One of the most transformative satellite services is now available for both land and maritime markets – for the first time, globally. Read on to learn more about what this means for the marine industry.

One Mission – a new era of satellite connectivity

Photo of satellite in front of a blurred city scape and water to illustrate  Eutelsat OneWeb's maritime connectivity

Eutelsat OneWeb's objective in the maritime industry is to usher in a new era of connectivity by providing high-speed and reliable internet access to those who traverse the world's oceans. With the deployment of its Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network, OneWeb is committed to offering fast, low-latency connectivity and innovative digital solutions to enhance maritime operations, performance and to improve crew welfare.

Unlike current satellite networks, OneWeb's LEO satellite network provides internet access similar to terrestrial fibre services and 4G networks that we are used to on our mobile phones and in our homes. This means that users can enjoy a seamless and smooth online experience anywhere in the world. By bringing this level of connectivity for the maritime industry, OneWeb aims to enable sailors, fishermen, and other ocean-going professionals to stay connected and access the digital resources they need to work and live more effectively.

OneWeb's commitment to the maritime industry is rooted in its desire to help drive progress and development in this vital sector. With faster and more reliable connectivity, OneWeb aims to foster innovation and creativity in maritime industries, creating opportunities for growth and prosperity for those who rely on the oceans for their livelihoods.

70% of the world’s surface is covered by oceans. OneWeb’s mission is to connect these oceans and herald a new era of smarter shipping.

Satellite internet delivered in partnership:

Satellite travelling in space over earth's orbit

AST Networks and Eutelsat OneWeb share a common vision of making internet access at sea as seamless and easy as it is on land. We recognise the complexity of the maritime industry and are committed to helping our customers overcome the challenges that arise with digital transformation. By combining our expertise, we aim to reduce barriers to connectivity and enable maritime businesses to unlock the endless and extensive benefits of digitalisation.

As a global maritime partner, AST Networks has a deep understanding of the unique requirements of the industry. Working in tandem with Eutelsat OneWeb, we will provide fixed-land and maritime customers with access to fast, flexible, and cost-effective connectivity solutions. Whether on land or at sea, even in the most remote locations, customers will enjoy seamless access to OneWeb's satellite network.

Our collaboration will enable businesses to take advantage of the latest technologies to enhance their operations, improve productivity, and drive growth. With faster and more reliable connectivity, businesses can deploy innovative solutions that streamline processes, enable remote work, and enhance communications channels across their entire supply chain.

In summary, our partnership represents a significant step forward for the maritime industry, enabling businesses to take advantage of the latest connectivity solutions and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

Intelligent Networks

Abstract imagery of a blue network to illustrate OneWeb's networking

Eutelsat OneWeb’s intelligent network is set to revolutionise the way businesses experience connectivity. By launching a constellation of 618 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, OneWeb have created a game-changing solution that can deliver high-speed, low-latency connectivity across the globe. Whether on land or at sea, the network can provide seamless connectivity, enabling people to stay in touch with their loved ones, access and share critical information, and enjoy entertainment content from virtually anywhere in the world.

New Technology


OneWeb has developed a suite of innovative connectivity solutions that are designed to meet the needs of today's digital landscape, while also anticipating the challenges of the future. This cutting-edge technology is tailor-made to enable a simple and cost-effective digital transformation, providing our customers with a competitive edge in a rapidly changing business environment.

We are committed to delivering solutions that are user-friendly, reliable, and scalable, while also being future proof. With OneWeb’s state-of-the-art connectivity solutions, we are helping businesses and entrepreneurs to overhaul their processes whilst being compliant with regulations.

Strategic Partnerships

OneWeb Logo

AST Networks recognise the value of collaboration in achieving our vision of delivering world-class connectivity solutions to customers worldwide. As such, we have forged this strategic partnership with Eutelsat OneWeb, who share our passion for innovation and customer-centric solutions. This partnership enables us to tap into expertise and experience that mirrors ours, allowing us to enhance our products and services.

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