Commercial Fishing

Feel connected and safe wherever the catch takes you. Remain compliant with regulations and stay ahead of the game with real-time access to data.

Graphic of blue waving satellite waves across a commercial fishing boat at sea with a throng of seagulls flying overhead
AST Networks has satellite communications services to help keep your crew and your fishing vessel safe, stay connected with onshore teams 24/7 and meet regulations while in distant waters.

Whatever the size of your commercial fishing fleet, our range of global connectivity services will empower you with the technology to optimise productivity and safety at sea.

Commercial Fishing Solutions

  • Maritime Connectivity

    Global and remote coverage tailored to meet your needs through seamless connectivity.

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  • Maritime IoT & Asset Management

    Enhancing the effectiveness of maritime assets.

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  • Maritime Safety GMDSS

    We provide satellite communications services which prioritise safety at sea.

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  • Crew Welfare

    Put the health and wellbeing of your crew first with secure and reliable communications.

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  • Comms & Bandwidth Management

    Providing efficient bandwidth management by giving you real-time access to monitor and control data usage.

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  • Hybrid Connectivity Solutions

    Managed services tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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A fisherman shoveling fish on board a fishing vessel
Crew safety & welfare

Commercial fishing is one of the riskiest jobs in the world. Boats can be out at sea for weeks or months, with those on board often exposed to difficult and challenging conditions.

To ensure round-the-clock safety for all on board, reliable connectivity is crucial for fishing vessel owners, skippers and crew to gather information on weather conditions at sea.

AST Networks offers unparalleled safety for fishing vessels with pole-to-pole coverage via Iridium Certus® to the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

A worldwide system for automated emergency signal communication for ships at sea developed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) as part of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention, it allows you to send emergency and distress messages, enable vessel-to-vessel routine communications and vessel-to-shore routine communications.

Commercial fishing boat in the sea with seagulls diving for fish
Resilient connectivity for on-board communications

Regardless of a vessel’s location at sea, with AST Networks global coverage, vessels can rely on a connection to enable operational communication with shoreside, other vessels and access to data.

Our unique connectivity solutions with VSAT also allow crews to surf the web, communicate with loved ones and enjoy entertainment during downtime.

Remain in control of bandwidth with market leading bandwidth management service INTEGRA Control that frees up bandwidth for operational and critical communications when you need it.

Commercial fishing ship at sunset with birds flying behind it as it sails in the sea
Operations & vessel monitoring

Stay ahead of your sustainability goals and comply with fishing regulations with AST Networks complete marine and maritime satellite communications services. Using cellular, GSM, satellite, or a combination, we enable continual monitoring and reporting for fisheries across the globe.

Optimise operational costs and ensure safe and reliable vessel operations, including equipment and compliance with all applicable regulations via Planned Maintenance Systems (PMS), which offers preventative maintenance of your vessel and ensures engines are monitored and efficient with real-time data access.

AST Networks empowers UK fishing crews to reduce accidental wildlife bycatch with new smartphone app
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