Conduct research efficiently and explore with confidence knowing your safety is in hand with weather resilient, reliable connectivity in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Beautiful view of a tourist boat sailing through icebergs near Greenland, in the polar oceans
As remote as it is, the polar regions can be a busy place. Governments, energy companies, mining companies, fisheries, merchant and cruise ships need to be able to operate and communicate efficiently.

As these new high-value waterways and the surrounding region become more accessible, and of increasing geo-political importance, the need for a robust satellite communications infrastructure is essential.

AST Networks unparalleled connectivity solutions for deployed teams and assets operating in the polar regions allows access to reliable voice and data communication, and essential monitoring and control. When communications are essential, whether required for safety, data transfer or crew welfare, AST Networks helps you achieve fast, efficient and reliable connectivity and comply with mandatory Maritime Polar Code Regulations.

Polar Solutions

  • Maritime Connectivity

    Global and remote coverage tailored to meet your needs through seamless connectivity.

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  • Maritime IoT & Asset Management

    Enhancing the effectiveness of maritime assets.

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  • Maritime Safety GMDSS

    We provide satellite communications services which prioritise safety at sea.

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  • Crew Welfare

    Put the health and wellbeing of your crew first with secure and reliable communications.

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  • Comms & Bandwidth Management

    Providing efficient bandwidth management by giving you real-time access to monitor and control data usage.

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  • Bespoke Solutions

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Resilient, reliable connectivity in the polar regions

For vessels and ice breakers operating in the remote polar regions adequate communications can be a matter of life and death.

When working these harsh and challenging environments, no matter how remote or isolated the location of your vessel, how far north or south, our robust solutions meet the high demands for voice and data communication that these conditions require.

The Iridium Certus® service provides low latency, high-quality, and real-time voice and data connections over the planet’s entire surface, including across oceans and polar regions. The combination of the network architecture and L-band spectrum, which delivers proven connectivity even in harsh sea states and weather, make Iridium Certus® and Iridium GMDSS the ideal choice for critical safety and communications, and even offers a degree of coverage when terrain, such as narrow fjords, blocks a large portion of the sky.

Download our Meeting Polar Code Regulations Statement

Download our Polar Regions Capability Statement

Polar explorer standing outside a yellow tent at night with the mountains in the background and with blue satellite waves winding round him
Research stations and expeditions

For polar research and monitoring solution's mobile handsets for on-the-move safety are essential. And so are static communications to keep researchers and their equipment connected for expeditions or seasonal and multi-year remote deployments, both in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Our IoT connectivity solutions enable remote visibility and real-time access of information, data transfer and sharing for immediate decision making.

Large workboat sailing through a sheet of ice over the ocean breaking it up in the polar regions
Commercial and fishing vessels

For ships operating in Arctic and Antarctic waters, high throughput communications services and solutions for critical safety and crew welfare are paramount.

AST Networks offers access to high-speed voice and data via VSAT and L-band services, safety of life GMDSS-approved systems, as well as tailored solutions for weather and ice monitoring, and reporting to comply with mandatory Maritime Polar Code Regulations.

A distant photo of a polar cruise ship sailing near a bay in the polar regions. Tourists have landed and are walking onshore
Adventure travel and cruises

Passengers on polar adventure travel and cruise holidays now expect to stay connected wherever they are in the world.

Our VSAT and L-band services offer high speed unlimited data options so passengers can connect to friends and family directly through social media to share their trip highlights via photographs, video and emails, as well as GMDSS solutions for vessel, crew and passenger safety.

Polar arctic research vessel sailing through the ice breaking it up
Scientific research vessels

Scientists on board research vessels require research and environmental monitoring applications that offer low payload and high throughput.

AST Networks bespoke solutions enable scientific data to be sent in the shortest time possible and relayed to the various institutes for processing. Crew and scientists also have access to a reliable means to communicate with family and friends via always available broadband and in an emergency via GMDSS services.

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