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Sat comms can play a vital role in responding to environmental and humanitarian crises as well as their monitoring and prevention.

ISAT hub on a log under trees as NGO and humanitarian workers speak to locals
AST Networks have been supporting NGO’s (non-government agencies) for nearly 30 years as they play an important role in providing services to vulnerable individuals and communities dealing with humanitarian crises across the world.

Reliable satellite and radio systems are vital for fast, effective delivery of aid where communications are poor or non-existent due to conflict or natural disaster.

AST Networks satellite communication solutions provide key workers with instant communications to quickly deploy logistics processes, share data efficiently and co-ordinate operations, while assuring their safety.

For environmental research and nature preservation, AST Networks satellite communications solutions enables fast and reliable transfer of crucially important scientific data in remote regions.

NGO's & Environmental Solutions

  • Land Connectivity

    Enabling a connection to anything or anyone in any location – whether at a mining site, a single worker in a remote location or travelling the world.

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  • Land IoT & Asset Management

    We help clients manage their land-based assets even in the toughest and most remote locations.

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  • Worker Welfare & Management

    Reliable and robust remote connectivity is not only vital for operational duties, but also for your workers welfare.

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  • Hybrid Connectivity Solutions

    Managed services tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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  • Two-way Asset Communication

    Setting up a way for equipment and devices in the field to communicate back and forth with a central control centre.

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NGO's & Humanitarian

Reliable satellite and radio for fast, effective communications.

Response to disasters to provide humanitarian aid  requires a rapid response to arrange the many support services required such as co-ordinating personnel, building an infrastructure, arranging medical services, shelters and provisions.

With infrastructure potentially damaged or unusable, AST Networks satellite comms solutions can help you coordinate an effective emergency response and keep your teams safe and connected.

Push-to-talk just got smarter and tougher everywhere
Operations and welfare

Co-ordinating operational activities and ensuring information is shared with other agencies is essential.

For example, solutions such as the Iridium Extreme PPT deliver secure communications at the push of a button. It has been ruggedly engineered to support high intensity users in some of the harshest conditions in the world. Its ability to instantly communicate at the push of a button is not only more efficient but is also more cost-effective as it removes the need for expensive set-up costs – hardware for this solution is typically around 60% less than leading alternatives.

A young girl smiling at the camera with her arms crossed

AST Networks portable satellite communication solutions can aid in delivery of education to remote schools and educational facilities, enabling services such as live tutoring, scheduled broadcasts and e-learning portals as well as access to the internet.

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Environmental & Research

Satellite monitoring of the Earth’s temperature, greenhouse gas emissions, sea levels, atmospheric gases, sea ice and forest cover are essential for improving our understanding of climate change so that policymakers can formulate effective strategies.

Remote tracking of wildlife via satellite has also become a critical tool for environmental research and nature preservation. AST satellite communications solutions enable fast and reliable transfer of crucially important scientific data in remote regions. Our state-of-the-art global connectivity systems can also help quick deployment of logistics, easy coordination of operations, and increased safety for personnel.

A brown bear in a forest
Conservation and monitoring

To support animal conservation efforts, our global satellite communication systems provide you insight into the location, health and welfare of animals.

We have assisted in many conservation projects including brown bears in Sweden and lions in Africa. Tracking collars, incorporating Iridium short burst data (SBD) technology, provide scientists with a flexible solution to wildlife monitoring and studies in areas where GSM coverage is limited. The collars transmit invaluable data via satellite.

AST Networks has installed some of the most robust satellite-enabled sensors, coupled with reliable communication infrastructures, to allow monitoring of rainfall and water levels in remote flood-prone areas such as Malaysia, enabling the collection, monitoring and interrogation of data, ultimately saving lives.

A group of penguins standing in the ice
Polar (Arctic and Antarctic)

Many climate change explorations and research functions are based in the polar regions, making voice and data communication impossible without satellite communications.

The Iridium Certus® service enables scientific data to be sent in the shortest time possible (at data speeds of up to 704 kbps) and relayed to the various institutes for processing. It also allows your crew and scientists to contact their families.

Handheld satellite phones are critical, for communications and safety. Our unique solution, IRIS, offers real-time location reports on a user-friendly portal and distress or SOS alerts.

Our IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions allow seamless connectivity to sensors for asset management. Automated monitoring allows for remote ice flow and probe data to be relayed in a timely, cost-effective manner.

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