Image of sailboat at sea highlighting the importance of satellite hybrid network connectivity.

Seamless Sailing on the Seas: Hybrid Connectivity Wi-Fi for Boats Packages

23/5/24 | 3 minute read

Staying online is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Remote operations present challenges in communications that are vital to those who work in the maritime industry.

Maritime operations are experiencing a digital transformation, with the need to become more competitive, reduce emissions, cut costs, and prevent cybercrime. Vessels are becoming more connected ensuring critical communications and crew welfare are always available.

AST Networks hybrid remote connectivity solutions are tailored specifically to our customers' requirements. Our innovative solutions combine the strengths of multiple connectivity technologies, providing uninterrupted internet access, regardless of where you are in the world. In this blog, we will deep dive into the benefits our hybrid connectivity solutions can bring to marine vessels, transforming your overall sailing experience.

Remote Connectivity at Sea

The marine and maritime industry is under intense pressure to become more competitive.

Traditional Wi-Fi, or cellular networks, often fail beyond coastal regions, leaving maritime crews and operations with a lack of communication connectivity. This lack of a reliable communication solution limits access to essential navigational tools, critical weather updates, communications with loved ones onshore, and could delay access to emergency services if required.

Image of a sunset over waves, depicting the remote locations that maritime vessels often voyage.

Hybrid Solutions

Our Hybrid solutions for maritime vessels provide reliable and robust remote connectivity by combining different technologies to maximise coverage and service. These comprehensive packages integrate satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi networks to ensure a secure and reliable connection, wherever your voyage might take you.

Image of fishing boats at a port, showing the isolation and need for remote connectivity network solutions for crews at sea.

Satellite Connectivity

Satellite network solutions serve as the backbone of marine communication, offering global coverage extending far beyond coastal regions that can be served by more traditional communication infrastructures. By leveraging our satellite technology, our hybrid solutions offer uninterrupted connectivity, even in the most remote locations, or during unpredictable weather conditions. When managed through an intelligent hybrid configuration, these services can complement each other effectively to improve operational efficiencies.

Our hybrid remote connectivity solutions, such as LinkBox seamlessly integrates satellite, cellular, and traditional networks, allowing for seamless transition between the most affordable solution with the strongest connection, as you navigate at sea. This integration ensures uninterrupted service, regardless of where you are in the world.

Satellite Connectivity.jpg

The Benefits of Hybrid Remote Connectivity

  • Reliable communication. Stay connected with friends, family, and emergency services, regardless of your location, or the weather conditions, whilst at sea.

  • Enhance safety. Access real-time weather updates, navigation charts, and emergency assistance, ensuring safe passage on your voyage.

  • Increased convenience. Enjoy the convenience of reliable internet access for entertainment, work, and navigation, whilst onboard.

  • Global coverage. Take advantage of global coverage with satellite connectivity, allowing you to explore remote destinations with confidence.

  • Seamless integration. Enjoy seamless transitions between satellite, cellular, and traditional networks, for uninterrupted remote connectivity.

Picture shows coast guard rescue mission, demonstrating the importance of hybrid satellite technology to ensure seamless communication in case of an emergency.

In the realm of maritime connectivity, our hybrid network solutions offer game-changing remote connectivity for those at sea by being able to seamlessly switch between different networks and technologies, the cost of maritime communications can be significantly reduced. This not only saves money, but also improves the overall efficiency and reliability of the communications system. Make the smart choice and switch to a dynamic network today.

We can ensure you have seamless connectivity when you most need it, no matter your location or the environmental conditions. For more information on how AST Networks can keep you connected, contact us today.

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