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Discover the Top 6 Benefits of OneWeb Connectivity for Land and Maritime Sectors

15/5/2021 | 3 minute read

This is one of the most cost-effective solutions for connectivity in remote regions - OneWeb’s adaptable satellite internet services are designed to enhance internet availability in a diverse range of industries in both maritime and land environments. But what are the benefits?

In today's digital age, seamless connectivity is crucial for businesses operating in land and maritime industries. OneWeb's connectivity services offer numerous benefits for sea-based sectors, as well as land-based businesses such as utilities, oil and gas and mining. From pole-to-pole coverage to scalable, agile commercial packages, we look further into the benefits of OneWeb in this AST Networks' blog article.

Consistent and robust pole-to-pole communications coverage

One of the key advantages of OneWeb's connectivity services will be its consistent pole-to-pole coverage, regardless of where a vessel or remote land team operates, OneWeb's truly global services will ensure seamless always on connectivity.

With no borders or barriers and a simple interface, OneWeb makes it easy for businesses to adopt new, more efficient solutions, excitingly even above 60 degrees latitude. This means there are no limits to where you can connect from – extreme climate regions are no longer an obstacle.

Unmatched low latency unlocks opportunities

Another advantage of OneWeb's services is its unmatched low latency. OneWeb's satellites orbit at only 1200km, which is 30 times closer to Earth than geostationary orbit satellites and eight times closer than those of medium earth orbit operators.

This low altitude is the key to OneWeb’s <100ms low-latency connectivity to vessels, passengers, and crew. This allows for the same tools and experiences as on land, including enterprise applications such as Office365, Citrix, or Oracle, as well as real-time Internet-of-Things-driven analytics applications used in environments such as offshore drilling platforms.

No more connectivity compromises

OneWeb's high-capacity network also means that businesses will no longer be constrained by low communications capacity. With OneWeb, the transfer of large data packets and cloud accessibility facilitate real-time analysis and drive operational transparency, delivering real value without compromising crew welfare and lone-worker safety.

Flexible, scalable, and agile

OneWeb's flexible commercial packages with predictable cost structures allow maritime operators the agility they need to adapt to changing seasonal demands or market conditions, paying only for what they need, when they need it. OneWeb's scalable technology will support future growth without expensive and disruptive hardware upgrades.

Feeling at home with connectivity

Crew welfare and remote worker safety is also at the heart of OneWeb's offering. OneWeb enables crew members to feel a sense of normalcy when away from home for periods of time. OneWeb's high-speed connectivity gives crew and workers the opportunity to use their devices as they would on land, without application or speed restrictions.

Easy to deploy, maintain and manage user terminals to suit every budget

Finally, OneWeb's portfolio of smart user terminals is designed to be easy to deploy, maintain, and manage. All terminals are designed around user-friendly interfaces with reduced maintenance requirements, ensuring that operators, crew, and passengers can enjoy fibre-like connectivity as quickly, easily, and consistently as possible. Developed with world-class partners, OneWeb's terminals ensure that fibre-like connectivity is as easy to access at sea and in the world remote regions as it is on common land, regardless of the size or mission of the project or vessel.

Can OneWeb benefit your business?

OneWeb's connectivity services have revolutionised the way businesses operate in the maritime industry. It will soon have consistent pole-to-pole coverage, unmatched low-latency, high-capacity network, and flexible, scalable, and agile commercial packages. As a result OneWeb will offer a superior user experience that supports crew welfare while facilitating seamless operations.

The smart terminals are designed around user-friendly interfaces with reduced maintenance requirements are particularly noteworthy, making fibre-like connectivity as easy to access at sea as it is on land.

With OneWeb's connectivity services, businesses can leverage the power of digital technology to stay ahead of the competition, increase operational transparency, and drive real value without compromising crew welfare and worker safety.

OneWeb satellite communications services are indeed setting the new standard for land and maritime connectivity.

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